S2AS Core Fusion 3 Kiteboard Review:

So vary Rarely do we get excited about Twin tips but when a new board comes through the Post from Core you know its going to be good, this brand is genuinely in a good position to become the number 1 kite / board brand on the market, with their exceptional quality and german precision. This a brand that means serious business. What we really like about Core is there attention to detail weather thats the little info tags on each part of the equipment or the tech Sheet that comes with your new purchase. its likes unwrapping that new iPhone or Apple product. its product you genuinely do not mind spending a premium on.

Unwrapping the New core fusion 3 was a bit like the scene from� Pulp Fiction� when they open the suitcase.. you just don’t know where to look first, the carbon Cartan, construction gleams, the Footpads have some snowboard style ratchets on them, the Rail is shaped with a 9mm to 3mm drop from centre to tip!.. then you turn it over and see the V shaped keel, the Double concave, the multi channels and the 3D diamonds!.. my god the work that has gone into this board is phenomenal.

Core fusion 3 kiteboard 2018

You just know that once you hit the water you will not be disappointed, we tested it in 20knots in relatively choppy uk waters and here is what we found!…………..

The First thing we notice is that the board is light even with those 9mm rails, this can be attributed to the Carbon cartan materials used which require less resin, the Fusion picked up speed quickly and with that Deep V shaped Keel it delivers an incredibly smooth ride through the chop, this for me is pretty much one of the most important aspects of a twin tip, as we all want to maintain good control in the worst possible conditions. 99% of us do not ride the buttery flat locations such as Brazil or hatteras so finding a board thats been tried and tested in some pretty full on conditions is always going to be a winner. With this added control in Chop you will also find that edging and upwind performance is also greatly improved. We liked the channels on the Fusion 2 last year but the improvements for The Fusion 3 are noticeable. Core states that it added 2 extra channels to the Fusion 3 and yes its made an impressive difference.

Loading up and edging the Fusion 3 is now even more controlled and this board gives your some incredible pop! probably more than you need, and from a Freeride / freestyle board. With the perfect flex that the Cartan gives you the landing are also exceptionally comfortable. The upwind performance is good, the board has a V Rocker which is borrowed from its Cousin the Imperator Full carbon carved boards. on inspection you might think it has a little to much but its spot on, there is no sign of the Fusion 3 slipping downwind and with the double concave giving more grip you can get an impressive upwind angle.

that double concave also lets you be quite playful with the Fusion 3, hoping to toeside and blind, and carving and slashing, its loose when it needs to been and Locked in and holding speed and power when you need it.

to top it off the foot pads and straps are also of a quality thats not found on any other boards on the market, superbly soft and supportive, and also giving a locked down feel, this board will also be happy with boots on.

Core union pro pads for fusion 3

This board is superb in all areas! i am not sure it can be beaten, get yourself a demo right now.

Build Quality – 10

Pop – 10

upwind – 10

landing – 10

carving – 8 (its good but not a surfboard)

Accessibly 10

Fixtures and fittings 10

The S2AS Team rate the Core Fusion 3 as the best freeride/Freestyle kiteboard on the planet right now. � Buy yours now Core Fusion 3

Credit: Kitemag

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