Thorpe Lakes promotes a family friendly, all-inclusive park aimed at providing cost effective riding for people of all ages!
From kid’s clubs to beginners mornings they offer an alternative way to spend time outdoors with an active, sociable and exhilarating sport. 
 They also offer a full size four corner cable along with a Straight Line System too!

With the opportunity to ride all day and the freedom to explore air tricks, rails and kickers it’s a great and quick way to develop your wakeboarding skills.

features course

Thorpe Lakes believe that those using features should initially be
taught to do so properly.
With that in mind they have developed a course to include 30 minutes one to one with an instructor on their straight line cable followed by a 2 hour cable ticket to practice your new skills included in the price!

slow hour

Still learning? Enjoyed your beginner wakeboard experience but need a little more help?

Then slow hour is perfect for you. Thorpe Lakes operate the cable a crucial 4kph slower which makes all the difference out on the water.


kids club

Thorpe Lakes run the most popular kids wakeboard camp in the UK!

They run dedicated 6 – 16 year old cable sessions on a Saturday & Sunday Morning through the summer as well as Tuesday and Thursday in the summer holidays! All first timers now learn on our straight line cable to wakeboard from the start before moving onto the main cable.