Kitesurfing-Day 1 Kitesurfing Lesson

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      Kitesurfing is great fun, when learned properly. The team at S2AS strongly recommend you take part in one of our kitesurfing lessons before taking to the water, as this way the team can help point out any mistakes you may be making.

      When you book a 1 Day Lesson with us, you'll be taught about the Safety Aspects of Kitesurfing, as well as How to Set-Up a Kitesurfing Kite, some Pre-Flight Checks you should always make, and how to ensure you always stay safe on the water. The lesson will also cover Body-Dragging, which is a technique used to show how the kite will react when you move it across the Wind Window., and much more. We'll also show you how to easily Relaunch a Kite, which is a necessity when you're out on the water. We run our 1 Day Lessons in the Summer, when the wind is blowing at it's calmest! Come and learn all the "how to's" down in UK's kitesurf centre in Poole. Check out the lesson below! 

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