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Xenon Kites review

Xenon Kites Review

An honest review and glance at the three types of Xenon Kitesurfing kites.

Xenon is a renowned Kiteboard company coming out of Europe with some of the best kiteboards around, If you have not tried a Laluz then you are missing out on what must be the smoothest kiteboard in choppy conditions.

Now to match their 3 famous Kiteboard styles (Freeride/Bigair, Freeride/Wave and Freestyle/Kiteloops) Xenon designed 3 kitesurfing kites that will perfectly fit any type of rider and let you progress massively. 

Xenon’s goal was always to design kites with no compromises. Focused on every detail to combine top performance with the highest quality available. 

Xenon was built with a team of people with a passion for kitesurfing, and not to make a quick buck.

Here is my quick review on the Xenon Air, Lip and Rad Kites.

Xenon kites have the D2 Technoforce ripstop canopy and is reputed for lightness, high tearing strength, and high endurance. The same as the canopy you can find in Duotone kites.

Xenon TechnoForce D2 RipStop


Xenon Air Kite

 The Xenon Air is the "high-aspect-ratio freeride big air kite".

But what does this mean? Immediately less powerful when de-powering the kite, though it generates more power per square meter when moving, Giving you a larger wind range.

Kitesurf faster over the water, great upwind performance, more lift, glide and float.


First impression on the water was that the Xenon Air is easy to control with light but precise bar pressure. The kite responds with performance and in the jumps it was giving me amazing lift and hang-time. In my biggest jumps there was excellent control over the kite at all times.

I Always knew exactly where the kite was. I had a super fun session on the 9m and 12m. Wind was ranging from 15 to 25 knots. 

As the wind increased, the jumps got bigger, and the take-off became even more impressive. The acceleration into the air after releasing the edge was immediately, and the hang-time will leave you breathless

What surprised me is relaunching so easy as it is a high AR kite. 

At the end of the day, I landed my Xenon Air kite with a big smile on my face. I would describe it as a combination of the Duotone Rebel and F-one Bandit. It has characteristics from both kites. It is not the type of kite for unhooked freestyle tricks but it was not designed to do that. This is a Big Air Machine!

Xenon Air riding


A commendable kite from Xenon, the Air will suit anyone who is after an all rounder with a massive range who wishes to work on big air skills. The entire set up is simple and intuitive and should certainly be considered if you are in the market for a new freeride kite this year.

Xenon Lip

Took the Xenon 5m and 7m out when a storm passed that brought condition ranging from 25 to 35 knots easterly winds . This brought big swell in with a perfect side shore wind direction.

 The Xenon Lip is classed as their wave kite. But please don't focus to much on the "wave" description. Wave kites are typically low aspect kites. But that also makes the kite perfect for learning!

Xenon Lip Kitesurf Kite

The Xenon Lip turns quickly, though have less lift and float than the Xenon Air and Rad.

More de-power at the bar feeling than the Xenon Air.

The Xenon Lip was really stable in gusty winds and drifts down wind well.

Super easy to relaunch.

Low aspect kites are generally wave AND learner kites.

 Xenon Lip kitesurf wave action


Looks like a bomb, love black and white design! Only took it out for one day for a quick run. as it was stormy and rainy. And... I did not regret that. It performs on waves and had super nice freestyle, fun session! Super stable, zero backstall,  you can ride all the time with full control. Nice turning speed and very good depower. Nice pop and control during tricks. Light, medium pressure on the bar - just perfect. Good lift and hang time as well. I can’t say anything bad about this kite just love it as true crossover. Had similar feelings after session on Neo last year.

Xenon Rad

The Xenon Rad is my favourite. As being a freestyle and kiteloop fanatic, it ticked all the boxes.

The Xenon Rad is a competition freestyle 5-strut Medium aspect ratio kite and for the rider throwing unsent wakestyle handlepass tricks and mega loops. The Rad is a modern take on the classic C-kite style design that introduces some of the hybrid freeride characteristics you get, with a one pulley bridle supported leading edge kite while keeping the load and slack power delivery of a dedicated freestyle kite.

Xenon Rad Kitesurf Kite

The RAD uses a one pulley bridle front bridle and two adjustment settings that switches between freestyle and Wakestyle riding with wingtips featuring three turning options to select between high or low bar pressure and turning speed.

I’ve tested the RAD on the freestyle setting and the wingtip factory stock position in the middle. The RAD canopy doesn’t have any battens but it does have some anti-flutter pads on the trailing edge. The RAD has that C-kite style feel and look with a little bit slower steering response and a larger steering arc that’s a little bit wider than the tighter pivoting turn that you see in the world of freeride Xenon Air or surf Xenon Lip.

Much like the Xenon Air or Lip kites I tested, the RAD flies a little bit farther forward in the wind window and has the load, pop and release feel that gives you slack when needed. While this kite is a hybrid style C-kite, it’s not your ‘sheet and go’ kite that generates power by sheeting in the bar from anywhere in the window.


When you need more power you have to fly this kite actively in the window with power strokes to get extra power, yet unlike a C-kite it has a fair amount of depower as you change the angle of attack, but not what you get from the Air or Lip I’ve tested. When it comes to boosting the RAD, when properly timed, it delivers a really impressive amount of lift that feels explosive. It gets you up pretty high but this canopy shape requires a little bit more active kite flying to get extended hang time, or even a soft landing.

Xenon Kite kitesurf freestyle


Yes its RAD! Super fun c-hybrid similar to the Duotone Vegas/Dice. Fast responsive, amazing pop and good slack for unhooked tricks. Was surprised about the lift and hangtime - really easy access even for less experienced riders. At the beginning a bit heavy on the bar. The RAD is a kite for someone that’s a little bit more experienced with sent jumps. Overall, the RAD is a fun kite ideal for intermediate and advanced kiters that are largely focused on wakestyle/freestyle or big kiteloops. This style kite does have a smaller range compared to some of the freeride ‘sheet and go’ kites tested so riders will need to be more selective about having the rights sized kite for wind conditions, this being the standard downside of these kinds of C-shape kites.

Overall the RAD is a fun kite for more aggressive freestylers that want to get  in handlepass tricks or committed King of the Air style kitelooping.

 Thanks for reading. 

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