Whats New From Core?

Whats New From Core?

Get up to date with all new Core Products 

Core have released brand new products to revolutionise their line up! Core utilising Aluula to make their already incredible Kites even better. Starting with the XR Pro and now the Pace Pro, they aren't stopping, these kites taking you up and offer more performance than ever.

Core XR Pro 

The Big Air kite from Core has been revolutionised, combined with Aluula now takes you higher, faster and further than before. When we tested this kite, it is one of the most powerful, grunty kite we have used, lifting you off the water with very little effort. This kite offers next level performance, ripping you off the water, unleashing new WOO records.

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 Core Pace Pro 

Core's all new Kite added to their line up, although similar in looks to the XR Pro, the Pace Pro is much faster. Core's first fixed bridle kite opens up all new possibility's, big jumps and fast loops have never been more accessible. A exceptionally stiff 3 strut kite crafted with a high aspect Aluula airframe, allows the kite to turn on a dime whilst progressing big air. 

Core Sensor 4 and 4 Pro 

The New Sensor offers unparalleled Safety system fully tested by IKO, utilising a single frontline. This is essential to fly the Pace Pro, but can easily fly every other kite in the range. Other new essential features, the bar now has an adjustable V and universal pigtails meaning the bar can now be used with pretty much every other bar on the market. 

Core Choice 6 Twin tip 

Completely redesigned from the 5, this next level Freestyle Big Air Board, offers complete edge control and with more angled fins the charged pre pops and explosive jumps are like nothing else on the market. This board suits anyone looking for a comfortable yet sporty feel. 

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