Every adrenaline junkie needs their gadget fix, at S2AS we understand this, which is why we have a large collection of Nixon watches available to purchase online.

Nixon watches excel in the field of design and practicality making the brand a world leader when it comes to watches designed for surf, snow and skate adrenaline fuelled sports.

This brand has now been recognised as a leader in fashion by offering watches to both men and women to stockists all over the world. Nixon has a great relationship with suffers, snowboarders, and skateboarders all over the world.

If you are looking for a classic statement watch that will never grow tiresome then the Nixon Time Teller is just what you need. This watch features 3 hand Japanese quartz movement with a custom 100 meter moulded poly-carbonate with hardened mineral crystal and triple gasket crown case. For only £64.99 this affordable watch is available in 6 different colour variations including white, black and green.

If you are looking for a mid-range supper watch than look no further than the Nixon player all black watch. The time piece takes its business with its pleasure, this watch is made to not look flashy with its two-tone finish, but featured on the face is a real exquisite diamond. Made with a custom made stainless steel case and band, you can purchase this watch for just £189.99.

Nixon goes further to provide unique and strong designs, which is why the Nixon 51 – 30 range is one of the best watch collections available to purchase on the current market. The 51 – 30 has superior functions, including a 6 hand Japanese quartz movement, a second subdial- you will never be without the necessary earthly information that an adrenaline junkie needs. Stainless steel-clad durability and unrivalled good looks, it’s a timepiece that’s rife with worldly good looks. The price range for a Nixon 51 – 30 varies on which style you prefer, whether you are looking for a hard-core stainless steel or a stylish leather cuff finish, there is a style to suit everyone.

Nixon watches are quickly becoming noticed for their unique powerful designs, the world is starting to sit up and notice these innovative watches as a leading brand in the industry. To look at our collection of Nixon watches visit our website S2AS.

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