Social Distancing is vitally important this summer!


Exercise is not just for the body, in fact, it is 80% mind and only 20% body. So to help keep you in the right frame of mind, we have listed a few watersports below that work in partnership with Social Distancing and explained why they work so well.

**Remember only go Kitesurfing/Paddleboarding or Swimming if you have all the necessary safety equipment and are already proficiently skilled we do not want any call outs and put the NHS under any more stress than they are all ready under. If in doubt, don’t go out!**


Kitesurfing is an extreme watersport that gets the heart pumping and the abs working overtime, it is an all-over body workout, and the feeling of being at one with nature and the elements are just unbeatable.

Kitesurfing reduces the stress level, makes you more resilient and strengthens the immune system. Why is kitesurfing the perfect social distancing sport? Well, the lines that kitesurfers use on their kites are 25 meters long, so at any given time you are nowhere near anyone else. Also when you participate in kitesurfing lessons, you are in fact instructed to keep double that distance clear as that will be your safety barrier. Hence, kitesurfers practice a rule that you should never be within 50 meters of any other kitesurfers.

Kitesurfing is very relaxing and lets everyday worries shrink till they vanish entirely, It’s very well known that moving your body leads to a release of happiness hormones and kitesurfing does this very well.

Please remember if you are going to go kitesurfing in these times do not congregate on the beach with others, Get your equipment set up and get out on the water enjoy your kitesurf session with the ocean and fresh air then get back to the beach and home. The less contact we can have with others right now, the better.


Kitesurfing Social Distance
Kitesurfing keeps your social distance



Stand up Paddleboarding, officially the world’s fastest-growing sport. Paddleboarding can certainly be a solo water sport, normally Paddleboarders tend to go out in groups, relax, have fun and a good chat, but you can paddleboard solo and enjoy it just as much.

I (Angelo) regularly paddleboard with my headphones on (low volume) and set out with my GPS to travel some distance and see some of the places you can not see from land. I paddleboard in Poole Harbour (the 2nd largest natural harbour in the world behind Sydney, Australia)

I set out at sunrise around 6 am and paddle around Brownsea Island watching and listening to all the wildlife, the water is calm the wind is low, and its pure bliss as the sun rises over the water. So how can you paddleboard while keeping social distancing?

Well, you should always be at least a paddle length away from anyone else for safety, and paddles are 2 meters long. When you have Paddleboard lessons, you’ll be told that a paddle length is the closest you should be at any time and to be sure of this distance you are encouraged to double it.

Paddleboarding is very good as a total body workout all the while having great fun on the water. Just me and the great outdoors it’s beautiful here in Dorset.


paddleboarding in poole, Dorset
Paddle Boarding in Poole, Dorset. Keeping Social Distance


Open Water Swimming:

No rules about distance with Swiming only commonsense really. But let’s be honest its March in the UK right now, how many people are going to be swimming in the UK waters?

The water will not start to warm up in the UK until Late May so yes it will be cold, but if you own an excellent wetsuit, you will not feel the cold at all.

You will be social distancing and getting that exercise that both your body and mind craves.


Open water swimming in Poole, Dorset
Open water swimming in Poole, Dorset


More than ever, we have to keep doing what’s being asked of us by the government if we want to make a change and get rid of this terrible Coronavirus.

So as I write this, these are all excellent activities you and I can do to help keep us fit and active at the same time as obeying the rules of social distancing.

Things may change, and we in the UK may come under stricter rules, but right now, we still have some freedom that we can use to help us stay positive and active.

I wish everyone the best, and I’m looking forward to the day that we can all once again great each other in a reasonable manner and not be afraid to shake hands or hug each. Stay healthy people, and together we will ensure there will be only one winner; the Human race.

For more info on Poole Harbour and activity go to the PHC website

**Remember only go Kitesurfing/Paddleboarding or Swimming if you have all the necessary safety equipment and are already proficiently skilled we do not want any call outs and put the NHS under any more stress than they are all ready under. if in doubt don’t go out**


Thanks for reading

S2AS Team


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