In 1979 Italian born Claudio Brunotti founded Brunotti at the age of 23, whilst holidaying in Dutch surf spot Scheveningen, the professional windsurfer fell in love with the vibe and opportunity to perform all boardsports. By combining his passions, with his unique Italian style and desire for quality crafted products Claudio began shaping his own colourful boards. In order to promote his new board business Claudio soon began producing colourful T-shirts and beachwear to get the word out and the true might of Brunotti as a Lifestyle Board Brand was born.


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Founder Claudio Brunotti


After nearly 40 years in the industry have remained strong to their heritage as a leading Boardsports brand. Recent campaigns such as their #getonboard initiative which encouraged as many people to as possible to ‘get on board’ no matter their ability further reflect Brunotti’s desire not only maintain but actively develop the all aspects of the boardsports scene from longboards to wakeboards, surfboards to kiteboards, SUP-boards and everything in between.


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‘We want everybody to enjoy all disciplines of boardsports and its lifestyle, this is the mission’


Brunotti are committed to perfection in every aspect of their manufacturing. Whether in producing superb quality wetsuits designed specifically for a combination of warmth and performance, thanks to use of their super stretchy Gravity Flexprene, fused cuffs and 3D flex pattern allowing a huge range of movement. Furthermore the newly developed Hexagon Quickdry; a plush neoprene layer on inside of the back and chest helps make wetsuits like the Bravo Wetsuit some of the warmest available on the market today.


In order to maintain high standards of quality Brunotti works closely with their Pro riders in combination with utilizing the knowledge of industry professionals with 35+ years experience such as Jinne Sietsma and Peter Thommen. This allowed for the creation of their RDP (Rider Developed Product) line, developing outstanding products such as the Youri Pro Kiteboard, a proven freestyle wonder that built with Brunotti’s unique Displacement Hull, an incredible feature designed to disperse water on landings before the rest of the board meaning dramatically smoother landings.

“THis is the must have harness for 2018, without any shadow of a doubt”


A store favourite at S2AS is definitely the Smartshell Harness, a shining star in world of mudane harnesses. Thanks to Brunotti’s CTC (Cut the Crap) Technology, which removed anything unneeded leading to the development of a super lightweight frame maintained by H20 Weightlock, which changed the way they designed their harnesses by eliminating hidden pockets, spaces and fabrics that can hold or absorb water. Lastly the 360 Smartframe a super lightweight pre-curved internal structure,that evenly distributes forces and helps eliminate pressure points, so you can ride longer.



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This commitment to exceptional product development is what makes us at S2AS proud to stock Brunotti and we want to get you as enthusiastic about this brand as we are!


As always give us a ring on 01202 738448 if you want anymore info on this awesome brand or their amazing products.



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