Mystic Wetsuits

Summer is not the only season to hit the waves, don’t miss out this winter by avoiding the cold, have some fun with O’Neill’s large collection of Winter Wetsuits.

With over 60 years of creating wetsuits, O’Neill knows a thing or two when it comes to staying warm, dry and comfortable when participating in Kitesurfing. For their collection O’Neill have pushed their innovative designs further by adding a new type of Neoprene called Technobutter x4 to their high end suits.

The new type of Neoprene means you won’t be held back on the waves due to making the suits feel less restricting, lightweight and warmer. The winter collection also weights 20% less and absorbs 30% less water in comparison to previous traditional suits.


You can find all our Wetsuits both in our Kitesurf shop or On-Line. We stock a huge range of Wetsuits from some amazing brands. The key stand outs for this season has to be as follows:

S2AS Top 5 Wetsuits:

1, Dakine Cyclone
2, O'Neill HyperFreak
3, Ride Engine Onsen
4, Mystic Majestic
5, Dakine Mission.

Dakine Wetsuits

Exposure Protection is essential for any water sport and a wetsuit. Is one of the most practical and effective ways of staying warm in and on the water. Visit S2AS online to view the complete range of Wetsuits.

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