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S2AS has been recognised as the largest and finest kitesurfing companies in Europe. We sell a large variety of top quality products for a range of sporting activities. Such as bike riding, snowboarding, wakeboarding and many more. What you may not know is that we provide kitesurfing lessons so you can learn to kite surf safely!

Growing Sport

The world recognizes kitesurfing as the fastest-growing watersport. England is leading with thousands of people taking up this adrenaline pumping activity every single year! This sport is accessible to everyone and can create so many opportunities that you would have never considered before. However, we recommend you learn by investing in proper tuition in order to learn in a safe environment.

The S2AS School

Since 1999 S2AS has been providing the best quality professional kite surfing courses and power kite lessons. We have been established as one of the oldest kitesurfing centres in the world due to our 13 years’ experience. We are BKSA/IKO accredited and only employ accredited instructors who are recognised throughout the world for their quality of teaching.

Throughout the South of England we have three centres open for you to learn to kitesurf, if that wasn’t enough we are also one of the largest schools around.

One of the most contributing aspects when learning to surf is the direction of the wind, as we teach on a large range of beaches this means that we can instruct in just about every wind direction. Teaching months run from March to November, and we can run anything from individual and tailored lessons to full two day courses.


Prices range from £129 to £375 depending on what course you would like to choose, you can find a full break down of our course structure by clicking here.

After taking part in our kitesurfing school you may question what to do next. Well they say practice makes perfect and that is exactly what you should want to do after tuition, this may require you to purchase your own equipment or rent supervised kit.

For more information please visit our website or call us on 01202 738448.

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