On the 17th to the 19th June, kitesurfers from all over the UK descend on Hayling Island for a huge event focused on kitesurfing gear, meeting people and throwing down on the beach.

In honor of the event we have some huge deals and promotions going on on

Virgin Kitesurf Armada

This year was no different with the Virgin Kitesurf Armada breaking the world record for the� ‘Largest Parade of Kitesurfers’ to complete a 1 mile course, the kitesurf armada has broken 5 world records to date and is definitely the place to be for progressive riding, meeting fellow enthusiasts and sending good vibes.


The atmosphere at the armada was buzzing! People checking out the latest tech and gear from all over the world, from all the different brands available. There’s such an incredible amount of choice and professional know-how to absorb that you’re guaranteed to leave knowing something you didn’t know before!

As a participant you’ll get to talk directly to the people who make your favourite kit, the brands and their own representatives who will be able to give you the information you need right from the horses mouth. You get to see, touch and in some cases try out a ton of gear before you make a commitment to buy (which you can also do at the armada!).


We are all super stoked to see all our different brands and retailers helping out customers with huge deals and advice to make sure that you’re not only riding the kit you need, but the kit you’ll love for years.

We want to thank everyone who took part, broke a world record, traveled to Hayling Island and talked to us at the Surface 2 Air Sports stand. We want to thank our brands as they mean so much to us and we want to thank the organisers for putting on such an incredible event. These events keep pushing our sport forwards, attracting new people and they provite� a platform for brands to show off innovative new ways to make kiting more fun, approachable and interesting.

Even though it’s full on all weekend, our helper managed to catch some z’s


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