Direct power transfer!


Taking a whole two years to develop alongside the incredible Travis Rice, the Falcor Binding represents the pinnacle of Union’s design and innovation processes.� This binding utilizes a multi-layered approach that focuses strength, support, and durability in crucial areas.


The clean lines of the Falcor Binding demonstrates a perfect collaboration between style and functionality.


Part of the Forged Carbon Series, this new approach to manufacturing makes it possible to form complex shapes in a single piece, without any wasted material. Compared to traditional carbon fibres, Forged Carbon fibers aren’t oriented in any particular direction, which produces a much stronger finished product capable not limited to one directional flex.



Whilst designed the reflect the style of T.Rice’s riding this piece of equipment is truly accessible for all levels of rider wanting to make the most out of their mountain playground.� With a greater strength to weight ratio than any other binding on the market coming in at only 720g thanks to the Stage 6 Duraflex Base and Magnesium 2.0 Ratchets. Finally Canted Vaporlite Bushings provide a cushioned footbed along with Exoframe Straps meaning superb all day comfort and support that won’t be beat.



Ultimately Union have created a phenomenal piece of technology that provides an unrivalled feeling of connectivity to your board, that remains to their true flex philosophy, a binding that is surprisingly forgiving where you need it yet beautifully responsive where you want it.

Like the sound of Falcor Bindings? Check them out at S2AS!


‘Hassle free, feather light and strength that goes the distance’ – T.Rice

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