So you’re in the market for a new snowboard, But so many in the shops and online that you just seem lost! ok S2AS are here to help. We have tested some many snowboards this season is unreal!

A little about us: So we are a rider owned rider run Snowboard shop in the UK, We live and breath snowboarding and the S2AS Team have all been doing seasons in some of the best ski resorts all over the world from New Zealand to France. so let’s get to it after testing Snowboards from the worlds best brands and all different disciplines from Park boards to backcountry Snowboards. And we are about to share with you our TOP 5 Snowboard for 2020 Enjoy.

We will start with number 5 on the list:

#5 Capita Ultrafear 2020:



The Ultrafear is primarily a Park board but boy does it do well on the runs! it holds an edge really well and has a really nice flex pattern and offers a huge amount of fun on any run. But take the Ultrafear in the Park and boy now you have a snowboard that’s top of my list when it comes to buying a board that I want to use in the park. If this list for just for Snow Park boards the Ultrafear would win hands down. So our advice with this one is if you ride more park than anywhere else but also like to cut some laps on the hill then check out the Capita Ultrafear for 2020 this really is a killer of a snowboard.

#4 DC Focus 2020 Snowboard:


The Dc Focus 2020 snowboard has all the tech of a £500+ Snowboard but cost so little, If we are honest we don’t know how DC does it but this Snowboard could easy be £399/£450 so first up has to be the cost at only £300 this is an amazing board for any level of rider. After testing each and every team member said how good it was for the price.� if we had £300 and no more for a new Snowboard this would 100% be the board we get its that good. The DC Focus has a very forgiving flex so you feel at home straight away even if you do only hit the slopes once a year you’ll get dialled in with ease. The Focus is running a rocker profile with bevelled edges, The rocker is very catch-free and easy to ride and the bevelled edges make everything a little easier to learn from 180’s to nose and tail presses. this Snowboard is all about making snowboarding fun again.

#3 Never Summer West 2020:


The Never Summer West Snowboard for 2020 is an all-mountain machine, If you only want or can only afford one board this would be the board if it was no park riding but everywhere else on the mountain.� The West is hand made in the USA so the quality it super high end, Running an RC Profile (Rocker & Camber) gives you the best of both worlds Rocker will give you the forgiveness us riders are looking for underfoot at slow speeds (a lot less edge catches) and the Camber in between the bindings offers lots of power and pop. So on the piste and also in the backcountry, this thing kills all-terrain it finds. So the price point is a at £599, yes but the features in the Snowboard are huge and it will last, Oh did we mention its comes with a 3-year warranty?

#2 Bataleon Evil Twin 2020:


So this was a fight as we as a testing team were split almost 50/50 to decide if the Batleon Evil Twin was going to be our number Snowboard for 2020 or not. It just missed the top spot and believe me it was very close. So number dropping in at 2 how did the Evil twin make it. Well, last year this snowboard was our number one in our top 5 Snowboards so it had a lot to live up to, Added features like the new SideKick to get the Snowboard more Pop and also a little more forgiveness going in to and out of the turn was a major plus for us. The Evil twin really is an all-mountain winner We love this board in the Park but at the same time, we love it on the Piste. Triple base Technology is insane and perfect for almost any rider.

#1 Bataleon Goliath 2020:


So here we are the Snowboard that our test team thinks is the best all-mountain “do it all” Snowboard you can currently buy right now. The Bataleon Goliath 2020.� This is the one board quiver, Get a Goliath and you will not need anything else! Unless you are that guy that only rides park or only rider powder the Goliath has you covered. It is the most versatile Snowboard we have ever tested, all in one day park, Piste, Backcountry and Side country the Goliath kills it all. With Bataleon’s Triple base technology, the Goliath floats on powder 5cm larger but rides in the park 3-5cm smaller. Its very catch-free on rails and kickers and has really good acceleration in the base. check out our video review of the Bataleon Goliath Below and make up your own mind.

Ok, that’s it! Thanks for reading guys and please check out our youtube channel or our website. We are a Snowboard shop in the UK that offers next day delivery of the worlds best snowboards.






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