Top 5 Cable Wakeboards in 2022

Top 5 Cable Wakeboards in 2022

So 2022 is finally here and the cable parks are beginning to open so we can go shred some plastic and enjoy cable riding to the fullest, It's been too long!
So I decided to produce what I believe are the top 5 Cable Wakeboards for this season 2022. Enjoy the read and remember just because I think its the best or one of the best Cable Wakeboards for 2022 does not mean that it is suited to your riding style, So make sure you get in touch with us at S2AS so we can work out what is the best cable Wakeboard for you and your style of riding.
Enjoy the ride... I mean read! haha.

So rolling in at number 5,

Hyperlite Aries Wakeboard Girls 2022
Hyperlite Aries Women's Cable Wakeboard - Yes it is for the chicks but I will ride this wakeboard all day long I love it. So smooth and forgiving if you are looking to push your rail presses and you are a chick (or maybe not) then this is a good starting point for sure. With a Full bevelled edge, this board is so forgiving for spins, tricks and getting on and off the obstacles at your local wakeboard park.

Slingshot Solo Wakeboard 2022
Landing at number 4,
Slingshot Solo Wakeboard - This is a crossover so you can also ride the boat with this wakeboard, But do not let make you think it's any less capable on cable. Oh no this is an absolute killer on the cable great for Air trick and kills it on the plastic. You can go huge off kickers with the Slingshot Solo and land nice and soft and save those knees. The 3-Stage rocker line helps lock in those presses on the rails.

Liquid Force Butterstick Pro Wakeboard 2022
Just edging in at number 3,
Liquid Force Butterstick Pro Wakeboard - This is the pro model of the little brother the butterstick, The word Pro is put out there a lot in wakeboards but let me tell you the difference between the Pro and non-pro model is insane! This is twice the board and destroys the cable with the biggest and best plastic! nothing this wakeboard can not eat up, Huge transfers, Long Rails and massive kickers the Butterstick Pro will take it all.

Hyperlite Wishbone Wakeboard 2022
Just losing out to top sport at number 2,
Hyperlite Wishbone - OMG! not only does this wakeboard look so sick! it will take any level of rider to the next level with ease, You will feel immediately at home with the Wishbone under your feet and feel super confident hitting new obstacles at different angles and your local or new cable park. with the tip and tail being so lightweight spins are a dream, if you can nail a 360 then you can do a 540 on the wishbone. The wakeboard has a very low swing rate that helps with spinning off kickers and obstacles alike. win, win

And the winner of the top 5 Cable wakeboards is..... "Drum roll"

Ronix Kinetik Springbox 2 Wakeboard 2022
Ronix Kinetik Springbox 2 - wow just wow! each year this wakeboard amazes me Note I said the Springbox 2 model dont get confused! this is the one wakeboard that I love the most. For my riding style, it does suit me perfectly, Stiff in the belly for air tricks and soft on the tip and tail from pressing. The Kinetik Springbox 2 loves the corners and the pop of the water is explosive! then choose your line because this wakeboard will get you there double-quick, Slay every obstacle in the park with a confidence level that you should NOT have!

So that's it, I hope you enjoyed the read and please leave a comment below with your top wakeboards of 2022. I have the pleasure of testing wakeboards for a job (I don't get paid much but it's a good gig!
Now let's go break some glass at your local cable park. Oh don't forget to pick up your new Wakeboard at S2AS

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