Putting a new snowboard underneath your feet is akin to finding a new musician or album; when you find a good one it’s almost life-changing. Find a bad one, and you’re not likely to come back to it…

The team riders here at S2AS were lucky enough to have the opportunity to try out some of next years Snowboards at the ‘Avant Premiere’ Snowboard test in January 2017. After trying a plethora of snowboards, the boys came back with a select list of boards they feel are gonna make a bang in the 2017/18 Winter Season.

5. 2018 DC PBJ

Although the PBJ isn’t the most high-end Snowboard on our list, it certainly is a real bang for your buck kinda board. The riders loved the traditional tried-and-true Camber Profile which the board a really old school park board feel, absolutely loaded with pop! The Softened Torsional Flex on this board gives it the perfect balance between stability and forgiveness for landings and takeoffs. The PBJ supplies the rider with a simple, predictable ride, whilst still giving the rider that snap off of the kickers.

Profile: Camber

Shape: True Twin

Flex: 5/10

4. 2018 CAPiTA Horrorscope

Fun, playful, stable and responsive are but a few words to describe the Horrorscope. The riders at the test truly did fall in love with this years version of the board. The Reverse Camber on this board makes it super playful, yet the ‘Flat Kick Tips’ allow the rider to hold and hold presses to their heart’s content. Although this board is aimed towards the kind of rider who likes to ride rails or urban spots, this board still gives you a lot of room for fun on the Piste. However, it wasn’t solely the performance that caught our eye, the Friday The 13th style graphic on this board really shows Capita taking it back to the old school!

Profile: Reverse Camber

Shape: True Twin

Flex: 4/10

3. 2018 Bataleon Jam

If you’re looking for a board that just wants to go fast, then look no further. The Jam is an all-mountain monster, perfect for the kind of rider thats looking for next level performance and support from their board. The more power you give it, the more it gives back. This season’s Jam has an all-new shape combining a slightly Directional Freestyle Outline with a True Twin Contact Shape and updated 3BT, featuring their all new SideKick tips. The feature that really stood out to us boys was the placement of the two Carbon Stringers running from the Tip to the Tail of the board, which naturally gives the board a stiffer flex pattern; perfect for the kind of rider who’s really looking to carve fast and hard!

Profile: Dynamic Camber

Shape: 99% Twin

Flex: 7/10

2. 2018 CAPiTA Ultrafear

As a three time ‘Transworld Good Wood’ award winner and a star of multiple video segments, it’s no surprise the Ultrafear made it onto our list. This board features a Dual Reverse Camber Flat Kick Freestyle Shape. The flat base that runs from outer insert to outer insert provides unparallelled stability at high speeds on the groomers, while the Whapow Tips make for a super poppy and snappy ride. This board doesn’t only ride really well, its a tough old cookie too. The Kevlar Body Armour that runs around the outside of the board means this baby can take a few big hits and will still ride just fine!

Profile: Zero Camber

Shape: Twin

Flex: 5.5/10

1. 2018 Bataleon Whatever

Although the Whatever may not be the most expensive or tech-filled snowboard on the market, it certainly does have its place in this list. The Whatever is a board designed to be a board that handles any terrain you throw at it, and from our testing, this seems to be true! This board really is a pure purveyor of fun, on which a rider of any level can enjoy themselves. This years Whatever has a Carbon Stringer running from insert to insert, along with a Reactor Bamboo core for extra pop off the slopes.

Profile: Medium Camber

Shape: 99% twin

Flex: 4/10

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