This COVID-19 sure is a piece of work. This lockdown is impacting your life as you know it, whether you like it or not. You maybe had thoughts of an escape to the ocean but in most countries across Europe, going to the beach has been restricted, which means kitesurfing is off the cards for the foreseeable future. With people forced being indoors while the virus runs its course

Here the UK government asked everyone to #stayhome. And kitesurfing now will only bring more stress on the health services. So for the time being, #stayhomestaysafe

Here at S2AS, we would like to help you to get through this quarantine with the best kitesurf movies out there to enjoy!

#1The Man that Touched the Sky

Ok so the biggest kitesurf news in the UK was Lewis Crathern Jumping Worthing pier. An amazing job and just to watch the video was unreal…

Well, that’s so outdone now… Lewis Crathern S2AS Team rider has smashed that feature by Jumping BRIGHTON PIER! YES, that’s right, Brighton pier. If you have ever been on that pier you know just how big and wide it really is. Let me tell you. It has a good selection of fairground rides on it. including a Roller coaster! That’s how big it is. With super strong winds hitting the south coast what better time was there? See the video footage of it here.

#2 Hidden lines Chapter I, Chili

Youri Zoon, Kevin Langeree and Nick Jacobsen set out to travel the destinations on their bucket list. First up is Chile, where they discover a mountain lake called Puclaro and score a wave session at Matanzas. Along the way, we get to know the different characters and their intertwined history. But most of all, this is where a road trip full of fun starts.

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#3 Antandroy by F-ONE

Before leaving, Madagascar was just a wave and some wind. But once in Lavanono, there is much than that, we discovered an extraordinary people: The ANTANDROY, the people of the thorns. We shared our two worlds: we kitesurfed on extreme and beautiful spots and tried to introduce them to our passion; on the other hand, they opened the doors of their village, their customs, their way of life. Nobody comes back from Lavanono untouched. Inevitably we all leave a small piece of our heart

ANTANDROY, more than a kite trip, a timeless journey.

#4 Behold and Sea – Ewan Jaspan

This past year Ewan decided to take a different approach and rather than piecing together a couple of edits throughout the year put together a full-length film highlighting his year with some of his best sessions. Teaming up with Alexander Lewis-Hughes from Knot Future, they started off in Ewan’s home country of Australia filming in Perth and Melbourne. From there they travelled to Cape Hatteras, up to Squamish, British Columbia, Hood River and finally down to Icapui, Brazil. The final result is a 26-minute film with plenty of freestyle, big air and of course wake style and slider action. Naish was able to catch up with Ewan just prior to the film’s release to get the story behind the film.

#5 Twenty

2019 marks 20th year since Aaron Hadlow first flew a kite. We took this milestone as a challenge to document the best action and the journey through his favourite disciplines in kiteboarding. For this reason, Aaron teamed up with filmmaker Laci Kobulsky travelling to multiple locations, meeting up with his friends and finding the best conditions in order to deliver you this full-length kiteboarding movie – TWENTY.

#6 Disguise the limit

Wrapped around the idea that limits are nothing more than lines drawn in the sand, begging to be erased, Cabrinha films brings you the best kiting footage from Maui to Morocco and the shores of Tarifa. Settle in and get comfortable for this epic ride as the Cabrinha team entertains you for the next 35 minutes.

#7 Cape Town Confidential

Sit back and let us take you on a journey to the beautiful city of Cape Town. We are joined by some of Cabrinha’s finest athletes and the film documents their story as it unfolds over an action-packed few weeks.

#8 Kiteboarding is awesome

Let the 2 Dutchies, Kevin Langeree and Lasse Walker show you Cape Towns best kitesurfing spots and have us remember why kiteboarding is AWESOME!

#9 Mitu Monteiro Kitesurfing 12 Volcanic Islands in Cape Verde Completely Solo, Unstoppable

For the first time, Mitu Monteiro, a Cape Verdean kitesurfing pro and former world champion, attempts to cross the 12 volcanic islands of his native archipelago completely solo. Taking on more than 730 km of kitesurfing, interspersed with island traverses totalling approximately 200 km, Mitu’s challenges are stacked ahead of him. But for this nature-lover, there is also the potential to meet unknown marine life and discover new landscapes in a region with many faces, internationally recognized for its biodiversity.


10 years ago F-ONE went on a trip to Madagascar that they would never forget. There are memories that deserve to be lived again. Going back this year they realized that some dreams do become true. Back then Raphael and the team went to the land of a divine barreling left and an ideal lagoon on the Emerald Sea to shoot ADDIKT. The memories of those rides were intact and they were dreaming to relive them. At the time they dreamt of getting barreled with more compact surfboards, flying above water and landing double handle passes. They inspired some kids to become pro kiteboarders, some others to learn how to fly. Those dreams came true.

You have now enough movies to watch without getting bored at home!
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