The Reels is the only snowboarding film festival that honours the best productions and riders of the year. The Reels takes a look at all the latest films and web series and is back for the second year in Annecy, France.

How else would you want to start the winter season other than being in a HUGE cinema with all the film crews/riders, eating popcorn and having massive drinking sessions?!

30 films were rolled out at the three day event. Friday night included the Golden Reels Ceremony which awarded all of this year’s films and riders with various titles. The Reels 2013 was hosted by Dingo and Danny Kass and the judges included Eddie Wall, Peter Line, David Benedek, Nico Droz and Ingemar Backman.

Photographs of some of the Winners

Best Movie: The Nike Crew – Never Not
Postland Theory Crew winning their award
Best AM Film: Postland Theory Crew
Halldor Helgason getting his award
Best Male Performance: Halldor Helgason
Desiree Melancon collecting her award
Best Female Performance: Desiree Melancon
Justin Fronius collecting his award
Best Newcomer: Justin Fronius

The Award Winners:

Best Movie: Never Not Part 1 – Nike
Best AM: Periscoping by Postland Theory
Best Documentary: Never Not Part 2 – Nike
Best Web Episode: Cooking With Gas 2
Best Cinematography: Distorted Reality – Pirates
Best Male Performance: Halldor Helgason (in Never Not Part 1)
Best Female Performance: Desiree Melancon
Best Jib Segment: Louif Paradis
Best Back Country Shot: Gigi Rüf
Best Newcomer: Justin Fronius
Judges Favourite: Scott Stevens


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