CAPiTA ‘The Mothership’ Tech Video.

Please take 5 minutes of your busy daily lives to stop and watch the new video released by CAPiTA Snowboards. It features a broken down walk through of how the new Snowboard factory works. This is a huge step to ensuring the future of snowboard production is sustainable. As you are a snowboarder, it is key you watch this and pass this on to friends and please share on your own Facebook pages and website.

Nobody else in winter sports is doing this and in CAPiTA founder Blue Montgomery's words 

‘Everything is possible'

Blue Montgomery, CAPiTA founder: “Since the beginning, we’ve had big dreams for CAPiTA. We’ve always wanted to create something special in snowboarding and we’ve always wanted to make the best boards in the world. Now with The Mothership, we’re entering a very exciting time with a lot of positive energy and the feeling that everything is possible.”

The Mothership is 100% Hydro powered facility, sourced directly from the local river Gail. Zero CO2 Emissions, Zero Carbon Footprint.

Brandon Cocard CAPiTA team rider: “The mothership blew my mind. Everything about it seemed futuristic. From the aesthetic of the building to the flow of the production…no other snowboard company is on that level. The factory is powered by a river that is fed by the glacier. The same glacier they test the boards on. The river runs through the mothership and creates the energy to make the boards. It’s a beautiful cycle.”


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