Here we are again rolling into '22 ready to get the boats out of the dry dock and back in the water. I for one am so happy to finally be back out on the water wakeboarding, It's been way too long.

So in my spare time, I've been out testing some of the world's best wakeboards behind the stunning G23! If you have not had a toe behind a Super Air Nautique G23 then get one! the wake is just insane. perfect shape and sends you up and out into the flats.

So the testing involved riding the same conditions on the same boat so we had a super fair test for all boards, Here are our top 5 Wakeboards of '22

Number 5,

Liquid Force Trip wakeboard 2022
Liquid Force Trip Wakeboard - Yes it does look way better than in previous years! But how does it ride? Well to just get into these top 5 wakeboards it must be good! After testing this and taking into consideration the price how could I not put it in a number 5? It's well behaved behind the boat and predictable and super easy to ride and progress whats not to like any beginner/intermediates will love this wakeboard. It's the perfect family boat board to share with other wakeboarders in your family too as it's so forgiving.

Landing at number 4,

Hyperlite State Wakeboard 2022


Hyperlite State Wakeboard - So the State wakeboard has something no other wakeboard has and that is a big reason it made this list. So the State is perfect for the wakeboarder who is looking to progress on to new tricks, especially toeside tricks or switch tricks, The reason is the toe side rail of this wakeboard is different and much less aggressive than the heel side edge. You can see this in the image above. This makes the wakeboard a very good starting and improving point for a rider looking to progress fast. Bottom line = Aggressive on the heels and forgiving on the toes. A big win!

Just edging in at number 3,

Ronix Timebomb wakeboard 2022

Ronix Timebomb Wakeboard - This is a team favourite at Ronix I hear and it's one of mine also, Ronix make some killer wakeboards for boat riding and this is one of the best for sure. The Timebomb offers a very explosive pop off the wake to send you into orbit. Yes, it's a little more aggressive than the previous wakeboards on this list but if you want this kind of performance behind the boat that's part and part of it. get this board behind any type of boat and you will see the difference a board makes to a half-decent wakeboarder. TICK TICK BOOM!

Just losing out to top sport at number 2,

Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard 2022
Hyperlite Murray Wakeboard - How the hell did a wakeboard at this price point get to number 2 in the list I can see you screaming at your screen. Well, let me tell you with ease! The Hyperlite Murray is the perfect blend of forgiveness and rewarding, It's super easy on the lower back and knee's, It flys off the wake and lands well out in the flats. Are spins any good? hell yes, they are! If you have 360s dialled in push for a 540 you will see the swing rate on this board is very low and helps so much to get that little extra spin from the wake. Shaun Murray take a bow, my friend.

And the winner of the top 5 Boat wakeboards is.....

Ronix RXT Wakeboard 2022

Ronix RXT Wakeboard - Yes it's expensive, Yes it is hard to find in shops, Yes Ronix will not tell us what's in the core BUT WOW! what a wakeboard this thing is totally insane in every single way. Pop: Noting else like it super high with an effortless progressive edge cut into the wake. Distance - this will send you way out into the flats so be very aware! It's crazy fast so timing is everything and when you get it right it feels so good. The swing rate is super low so getting some good rotations is a lot easier than you would expect and the weight! OMG, the weight! it feels so light underfoot when riding. go on stand out from the crowd, Fill the boat and wait for the "HOLY SH*T" shoutouts from the dock! 

So that's it, I hope you enjoyed the read and please leave a comment below with your top wakeboards of 2022. I have the pleasure of testing wakeboards for a job (I don't get paid much but it's a good gig!

Now let's go break some glass at your local Lake. Oh, don't forget to pick up your new Wakeboard at S2AS.

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