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Slingshot RPX - Sam's Setups

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Brand: Slingshot
Model: RPX
RPX Kitesurf Kite
Fueled by insights from the world’s most demanding kiteboarders in all disciplines and based upon past construction knowledge of the legendary RPM, Slingshot has developed the all-new RPX.
Built to create the next evolution in freeride kite design. The RPX was designed to bridge that gap and create the highest performing and most versatile freeride kite on the market. Delivering hero-level performance in every category of kiteboarding. Faster, Lighter, and more technically advanced than its predecessor; The RPX is the next evolution of a freeride kite. The RPX boasts top-of-the-line performance and Handling as well as extensive range, depower, and upwind ability. The RPX is designed to take you to your next kiteboarding milestone, no matter what that is.

 Slingshot RPX

Why I Choose This Product?
This season I decided to upgrade some of the older kites in my quiver, however I was faced with the challenging decision of what kites to select. My decision ended with me selecting the slingshot RPX and here is why:
When looking at different brands and models I was looking for a fun intuitive kite suitable for freestyle (unhooked), big air, kite loops and all round freeride.
When testing the RPX my first impression was the quality of the product as it was easy to tell from just pumping up the kite the build quality and materials used where top notch as well as featuring awesome colours and graphics (I chose the blue colour way). Another draw to slingshot kites for me was their reputation of providing ‘bomb proof’ kites that will last you.
One of the standout features I found on the RPX is the feedback you get through the bar. It felt I new where the kite was even when not looking at it which was super handy during rotations as it doesn’t catch you off guard.  This feedback is also at no loss to the responsiveness of the kite as it was super easy and fun to throw around the window be that for jumps loops or what ever else you can come up with.
Jumping with the RPX was super fun! With the refined RPX design it felt like it sat nicely at the edge of the wind window which made it super easy to hold and edge while sending your kite to jump and boost to your maximum potential.  The lift and hang time from this kite surprised me as with some jumps it felt like someone had put me in an elevator with turbo boosters.
The RPX also loops really well! The reduced weight, refined trailing edge design and 3 strut open C-shape combined with its responsive steering makes this kite a looping beast. Whether your down looping or throwing huge mega loops the RPX makes it round and recovers to the zenith quickly which makes sending big loops a little less scary.
I love unhooking on this kite! With its open C-shape and adjustable bridle settings it means you can switch you kite from sitting right at the edge of the window, perfect for big air and loops, too sitting a little deeper giving the kite more grunt and you the ability to load against, resulting in explosive pop for your freestyle moves. The kite also provides plenty of slack for handle passes hence why the slingshot team riders on the freestyle world tour are laying down next level moves on this kite.
The last thing I want to say about this kite is how versatile it is. I personally love to head out on my twin tip and have the most fun I can in the conditions available be that freestyle, big air or just freeriding however the potential of this kite doesn’t end there as it also excels in foiling and wave riding. With the adjustable features and versatile nature of the design this makes the RPX the kite that really can do it all, and it does it well. Which is why the RPX is the perfect kite for me.
- Super versatile, performing well across disciplines
- Intuitive and easy to use
- Easy to know and feel where the kite is
- Adjustable settings
- Easy relaunch
-Refined and lighter design to predecessors
- Higher bar pressure
- New model and premium kite so higher price mark
RPX kitesurf kite
Wrap up
So hopefully you’ve enjoyed hearing about what kites I choose to use. If you are interested in what bar i choose to use along side the RPX make sure to check out my Slingshot Sentry Bar Review have any questions about the product you can give us a call in the shop on 01202 738 448 or you can message me personally on Instagram @safetysam.official 
Slingshot RPX Kite

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