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Slingshot Sports has been a leader and innovator in the kitesurfing industry from day one, which traces back to 1999, in the action sports mecca affectionately known as The Gorge. Brothers Jeff and Tony Logosz founded the brand at a time when kitesurfing was just in its infancy, reserved for athletes willing to take a beating and be the test dummies for early-era gear. Slingshot built a reputation early on as an edgy brand willing to take the lead and take risks to succeed in its goal of constant progression and innovation. Over the years, Slingshot has remained a pivotal player in the kitesurfing industry, both in the technical innovations they pioneered and in the athletes they fostered as they pushed the sport to new limits. The Logosz brothers remain at the helm of Slingshot today – Jeff as the CEO and Tony as the lead designer – and although it is one of top kitesurfing brands in the world, the company has maintained a family-run atmosphere and remains located in the same small town where it all began.


Slingshot headquarters is located in Hood River, Oregon, in an airy office overlooking what is commonly known as the birthplace of kitesurfing. Located in the Pacific Northwest just east of Portland, the Columbia River Gorge is a natural wind tunnel that creates some of the strongest and steadiest summer winds on the planet. Hood River is a genuine epicenter for the sport, and having the world’s greatest testing grounds just a stone’s throw away from the headquarters is an invaluable asset to Slingshot’s R&D process. There’s really no better place on earth to test the bomber, high-performance Kitesurfing gear Slingshot has built its reputation around. Additionally, Slingshot’s twin tip factory is now in Dubai, where all of the brand’s wood-core kite and wakeboards are manufactured. Having these conditions so close to home gives Slingshot almost immediate turnaround for R&D. They can design a board and have it testing it on the water that same evening. There’s really no substitute for that level of control and intimacy with the process.


Slingshot is generally always working on something new and exciting. One of the developments they’re most excited about is a new kite called The Slingshot Code, The all-new Code V1 is designed to keep kitesurfing fun. Built to provide performance versatility in all conditions for all disciplines, the Code is your new favorite kite. Put progression in your hands and watch as your skill level and confidence on the water improve with every session. S2AS Call it the kite to put a smile back on your face whatever the conditions.

Undoubtedly it’s going to be an exciting year for Slingshot…


Slingshot Code

Slingshot Code Kite

The all-new Code V1 debuts as one of the team's favorite kites. Its performance versatility in every condition for every discipline builds trust with everyone that rides it. Sharing big-air design DNA with our popular Machine, the Code is built on a three-strut platform and is lighter and more maneuverable. The medium-aspect ratio, Hybrid Open C shape provides intuitive handling, amazing range, great sheet-and-go performance while still maintain incredible bar feel. Plus, the responsive wingtip design create effortless water relaunch for all riders. Extending high performance to all riders of all skill levels, the Slingshot Code is one of the most versatile kites we've ever built. - Buy Slingshot Code

Slingshot Machine Kite

Slingshot Machine Kite

Fresh off its breakout release, the Slingshot Machine returns in its second version even lighter and more optimized to take your riding to the next level. Featuring an all-new leading edge material, the Machine V2 boasts reduced weight and even more performance. Keeping the same incredible frame geometry, the Machine continues to provide amazing upward propulsion. It's highly efficient aspect ratio is tuned to launch you to new heights and air times, while still maintaining lightning-quick reaction speed and turning. - Buy Slingshot Machine Kite

Slingshot SST Kite

Slingshot SST Kite

The SST V7 continues to push the limits of a kitesurfing kite. We have implemented an all-new Dacron that is lighter and provides even more performance. This new material coupled with our thinnest and lightest struts ever have made the SST V7 one of the lightest three-strut kites ever produced. Slingshot team rider and kitesurfing pioneer, Ben Wilson, continues to task our development team to push the limits of speed and drift. Building on the SST V6 platform that Ben fell in love with, our design team rose to the occasion and delivered a further refined SST V7 that offers lightning-fast response and precision turning. - Buy Slingshot SST Kite

Slingshot RPX Kite

Slingshot RPX Kite

Exceptional Response & Return 

A completely redesigned Trailing Edge shape has been implemented on the RPX. Reshaping the trailing edge has allowed us to eliminate areas of turbulence, drag and flutter. This has ushered in next level response out of thekite,meaning better return to the top of window during looping, tighter turning radius’ for surfing, and lighting fast reaction speed. 


The RPX is loaded withinnovative technologythat includes a new streamlined premiumFlyLineBridle System. This new system boasts a diameter of a mere 1.6mm which is a 25% reduction from the previous version. It’s stronger, lighter, and allows the kite to move through the air with less drag. The canopy of the RPX had been designed to meet the needs of the modern kiteboarder. This new and highly refined canopy profile features a reduction of 88 panels from its predecessor:the RPM. The result is a one-two punch of weight reduction and cleaner airflow. 


The RPX has been built upon a longstanding Slingshot Invention, the “Open C Canopy.” Often overlooked and misunderstood, the “Open C Canopy” is the magic of the RPX and its predecessor the RPM. This flatter arc offers extensive range, depower, and upwind ability while also providing accurate handling and energetic response. This harmonious blend of performance and comfort enables you to progress and per-form no matter who you are. The RPX is the culmination of our incredible journey with a wide array of athletes, designers, and inventors to create the next evolution of a versatility in a kite. - Buy Slingshot RPX Kite

Slingshot UFO Kite

Slingshot UFO Kite

Building on the foundation of its predecessor, the UFO V2 expands on the lightweight strutless design by implementing space-age materials that make the kite lighter and even higher performance. The new extended size range allows riders to build a full UFO quiver and utilize the ideal size based on their weight and wind conditions.

Why S2AS will love it:

  • The UFO V2 is the lightest LEI kite that we have ever tested.
  • Provides unrivaled drift, response, and turning speed.
  • The most fun kite that you will ever fly.
  • Buy Slingshot UFO Kite


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