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This board delivers all in just one board – speed, control, pop, grip and drive! The new Shinn Supershinn which was released last year takes a step up from the last board. It features Hydro-Flo tail conduits, a new custom tuned flex for each size, a constant curve rocker, progressive concave and a new Sneaker X foot bed system. The Supershinn gives you great performance in the toughest conditions as well as in perfect conditions. There are no limits!


The design for the Supershinn is plaid checkers – now I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but you’ll definitely stand out on the beach for sure. Keeping the design to one side for the moment, we take a look at how well it is made. You can be assured that you have a great board in your hands as it’s been well crafted and designed with care.
There are a couple of differences with this board including the new pad and strap set-up. The new set are extremely soft, with no rubbing (bonus!), they completely cover your feet and just work so well! We would say this is definitely amongst the top range of pads and straps out there right now.
The base of the board doesn’t have any unfamiliar features other than between the constant curve rocker and those hydro-flo conduits, there is a good formula for smoothness and ironing out the right edges on twin-tips and this doesn’t affect the performance.
The board is comfortable and is an all-round performance board. If you’re more of an intermediate rider, then this board is perfect for you as it’s racier.


The Supershinn performs and creates an excellent pop. It’s a board you can rely on in all conditions, as this board is very responsive and is great for all kinds of riding!


137 x 44cm
136 x 42cm
135 x 41cm
134 x 40cm

Where to Buy?

You can buy the Shinn Supershinn here at S2AS for £599.99 (updated 22.10.13).

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