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This company was founded by the man, the legend, Kevin Sansalone and rider-owned by 4 shredders in Whistler. We at Surface 2 Air Sports obviously have a huge respect for a rider run and rider owned business because it’s a connection that can’t be trumped no matter how much knowledge you have. If you have a passion for a product, for a sport, for a community, then you’ve got drive to push and make the best products available. For Sandbox Helmets it was always a mission to create a functional helmet that would protect you against head lacerations and damage but was stylish enough to film in.

In 2007 Sandbox released it’s brim model which was a resounding success. Everyone loved it’s look at feel in Whistler and the brand has grown from there exponentially. Working with grass roots, camps, events, social media and their very own team riders, Sandbox have seen beautiful organic growth through word of mouth. We are now seeing their foray into helmets for Wake, Snow, Bike and Skate and also a range of goggles, shades and soft goods that please the public. Sandbox know that action sports are progressive and dangerous, their flagship safety product is here to provide a level of protection while maintaining comfort, style and creativity.


This summer we’re looking at the wake and skate products from Sandbox for obvious reasons and in the winter we’ll be looking at their snow helmets.

As follows here is the lineup for sun and water loving enthusiasts:


Classic Street 2.0

The Classic Street 2.0 Helmets are Sandbox’s stylish helmets with the iconic peak, this helmet is designed for street use, skaters and longboarders rejoice! These helmets are CE rated and provide laceration and impact protection for those who use them. A second skull that is stylish and diverse.

Classic Low Rider

The Classic Low Rider Wakeboard Helmets are the wake and watersports version of the skate Low Rider. The Classic style again involves the peak that put Sandbox on the map in terms of style and innovation. These helmets not only protect the user from many types of head injury but also create a style that can be filmed while promoting safety. The peak can help keep water and spray out of the users eyes as the liquid drips off the front a couple of centimetres in front of the eyes.

Legend Street

The Legend Street Helmet is the peakless version of Sandbox’s range, they offer a more cupped rear and as a result protect more of the lower skull and neck, the lack of the peak is something that some users enjoy, some people prefer to see things above them and while the peak’s style is unique, some users would prefer a helmet design without it. The public asked and Sandbox answered.

Legend Low Rider

The Legend Low Rider Wakeboard Helmet is the peakless version of the Classic Low rider and provides wake users with the same cupped low skull protection that the street version does. For the same reasons as the street version the Legend Low Rider removes the peak at the request of the users that respect the style, but prefer to keep their vision above the helmet unaffected.


Sandbox Helmets come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. You might ask how they manage to keep everyone’s sizes intact while maintaining only three sizes without a crossover. We’ll answer that question for you now.

The Sandbox Helmets all come with a completely different set of pads that are available to change the sizes of each helmet by a few centimetres inside the shell. There are technically 18 different ways of setting up any Sandbox helmet with a combination of different pads to create a fit that will glue the helmet to your head.

They also come with a sticker selection, everyone loves stickers!


These helmets are stylish, effective in their design to prevent laceration and light head contact and CE rated for the sports that they are designed for.

Wakeparks request the use of helmets at their cables and if you’re going to have to wear a helmet, make sure it makes you look the mutts nuts.

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