March is the month for Mother’s and we have you covered here at S2AS with a range of gift ideas that will make you the number one child in anyone’s eyes whether it’s a present for your mum, mother-in-law, wife, grandparent, friend, or yourself.

We are giving you a range of ideas to match any budget, for those of you that want to go to a higher-end budget, but maybe cannot afford it, it may be worth joining up with some other friends and family members to make sure you can get exactly what you’re thinking of getting because let’s face it mum’s (or other family members who act like a mum to you) are definitely worth it.



This is an incredibly affordable gift with the short sleeve rashy costing £29.95 and the long sleeve costing £34.95 it really is something you could get into a wardrobe of your loved one ready for the weather to start warming up, or even to wear as a base layer during these colder moments. I won’t go anywhere without having my rashy packed in my bag as it means that I can add layers as I want if I’m feeling cold or when in those warmer climates it gives me great protection from the sun. Take a look below at these beautiful designs, and honestly, I can say it looks even better when you have it in your hands.




Well let’s face it we have a little while yet with this chilly (or freezing depending on what you’re accustomed to) weather in the UK so we have you covered quite literally with this super warm and absolute bargain of a beany. It’s a really stylish design and looks great with so many other clothes due to its simple and clean colors.




Last but certainly not least with our bargain budget we head over to have a look at the…


This awesome piece of clothing comes in so many different colors that you can please any fussy family member. We don’t want the people we love getting cold but as the weather starts to warm up it’s so helpful to have something that can be paired with a range of different items to keep you warmer. This Thug Rug doesn’t need to be worn only on the slopes, maybe you’re planning to head for a family walk over Mother’s Day and this will be a great accessory to keep both your neck and head warm.


Stepping the budget up a bit we head to our next price range…


Safety is obviously imperative when heading out onto the water for any sports really, and obviously the people we love most in our family we want to make sure they are certainly not going to be getting into any damage whilst doing the sports they love. Keeping this in mind we have some awesome impact vests available for purchase, one of my personal favorites is my next recommendation (because let’s face it I wouldn’t mind having this as a present).

4/ MYSTIC STAR WOMEN’S IMPACT VEST which is available in Mist Mint for just £94, in Black for £99, or Night Blue for the same price.


This vest is so stylish and comfortable to wear that the times I have put it on to head out on the water I haven’t even realized I’m wearing anything on top of my wetsuit. It’s also really easy to chuck in your bag as it rolls down really small so don’t worry I’m not telling you to have to lug extra gear with you everywhere you go.


So many people are getting into a range of different sports, but let’s face it one of our trusted favorite sports is definitely skating. One thing that you can’t ever go wrong with having in your house (often on display because they’re quite beautifully made) is a skateboard and we have some great Longboards available for grabs at insanely cheap prices. My skate of choice at a really low price (just £105) is the amazing…


The reason I am a big fan of this board is because I can use it in so many different places, it has maximum stability which makes a great choice for downhill riding, while its ease of pushing is perfect for long-distance riding or just kicking around town. I remember seeing a family out skating and thought how amazing it was to see everyone involved and doing something together so if you’re already skating and want your mum to get involved with you then why not make this a great way to spend some quality time together.

Finally, for this budget we’re heading back to Kite Surf world, harnesses are one of the most important parts of a kiter’s life. Especially as a girl it’s difficult to feel truly comfortable in harnesses because often the fit is strange, they ride up and start to hurt or they don’t have much padding on the back which then causes backache after a day of riding. I tried on our different harnesses in this price range and my favorite has to be the…

6/ MYSTIC STAR WOMEN’S WAIST HARNESS in either Black or Mint. In terms of the price range, you cant actually find a better harness in my opinion. This harness is really comfortable and can be used for the entire day without causing pain or discomfort which is something we all want really isn’t it when we’re looking to buy something.




As I mentioned above the weather still hasn’t warmed up and let’s face it, probably isn’t going to for a little while so with this in mind there is still time to buy a nice toasty wetsuit for loved one because I think we can all agree getting cold out on the water is one of the worst things that we can all experience.

7/ MYSTIC STAR 5/3mm WOMEN’S BACK- ZIP WETSUIT in either Night Blue or Black at an absolute steal for £179. This wetsuit is great because it’s been fitted with Fox Fleece in the back panel for maximum warmth in the upper body, mystic has massively upgraded the level of this wetsuit which is why you cannot complain about this price. I wore this suit out on the water for quite a few hours (paired with some gloves and booties) and I was able to continue with my day afterward without having a shock to the system.



As the season is changing it’s nearly time to start Wakeboarding again. With that in mind maybe you can get your mum out either behind a boat on the ocean or at a wake park. If this is something your mum loves to do or something that you wish your mum would do then the next gift I have in mind would be perfect for any mum.

7/ LIQUID FORCE ME WOMEN’S BOAT WAKEBOARD for £399. This is a great board for that lady who wants to progress her riding to the next level. With Liquid Force putting the majority of their focus on Wake these days there is a massive step up in kit levels. This board is not only super well made it’s also really beautifully designed also and let’s face it we wouldn’t mind our mum shredding it like this on the water……

Finally, it’s time to head to some colder climates, we want to make sure we cover all mum’s out there no matter the sport they love to do because a mum who rips is a pretty cool mum to have. So the last amazing gift we are going to check out is a snowboard.

9/ 2022 BATALEON SPIRIT WOMEN’S SNOWBOARD which is priced at £349, as I suggested before if you’re concerned about the price of this snowboard then maybe join up with a few siblings, other family members or friends to show your mum just how amazing she is. The great thing about these boards is they last such a long time so whether you’re planning to grab a last-minute trip out to the mountains, head to some dry slopes or snow domes here in the UK, or save this board for the next year then its worth the investment. The artwork on this board is also so beautiful that you can also put this board on your wall whilst you’re not using it and have it as a little piece of art at the same time.

Well, there we go, that a run down from cheapest to more expensive gift ideas (obviously we also have loads of other things that might take your fancy) that you could grab for your mum this month before mothers day, all of these gifts are here to grab in the store, online, or over the phone and we are more than happy to get them beautifully packed up and shipped out to you making sure they are with you quickly. Final note, if we don’t see you before then HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all!!

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