RRD have 20 years in the kiting industry, so they know their stuff and produce the highest quality of kites and boards. They offer everything that you could possibly want from a kite.

The RRD Religion Kite is becoming one of the best reference kites on the market. Testers are raving about this kite and can’t praise it enough.

Although the kite seems very similar to the former ones, there are differences in the colours and there are a number of improvements with the 2014 version of the Religion kite:

  • Thicker diameter leading edge design on the smaller sizes
  • Better stability in the smaller kites
  • Better power in the larger kites
  • Wind registry has become considerably larger
  • Easier to de-power
  • The two new sizes 10,5 and 12, are slightly lighter
What’s great about this kite is its predictability and ease of use but its powerful when you need it to be. RRD’s goal was to improve the spec from the previous years and we must say it’s a phenomenal kite and we speak the words of many thousands of kiters around the world who also love this kite.


Two kites in the sky
Two kites in the skyTwo kites in the sky

In stock now!! Call our store on01202 738448for more information.


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