2015 Ronix One Review and Brain frame information


Don’t be fooled by the sick graphics and names you are used to hearing from Ronix Wakeboards. This year they have redesigned the Ronix boots from the base plate up. Every thing you love is still there keeping them still unbeatable in weight, durability and low profile sleek design.  But all the magic happens under all this in the brain of the boot.

I want to bring your attention to Ronix’s new Brain Frame Technology that they’re bringing to the table for 2015. This Ronix One boot has been 3 years in the making, if you don’t know what that Is yet let me explain.


This new design is a breakthrough in fit and function.

By keeping the base plate seprate from skeleton they can Stiffen it up for increased edge to edge response while The skeleton remains softer and able to adabt to your foot Just like the heat mouldable liner. All this translates in to Greater energy transfer through the boot. The laces wrap the Top of the skeleton and pull it down on to the top of your foot giving a superiour heal hold that flows directly to the Chassis insuring no energy is lost between you and Your wakeboard.

Because the skeleton can expand and adapt to your foot Ronix have Trimmed it down and taken out all the unnecessary extras like j-bars and Silicone and given it more curvature so that a wider foot range can use the Ronix bindings.

Ronix have increased the size of the base plate and added a gasket to bottom of the binding. These three things have increased board feel, raising you up higher in the heal and toe giving you more leverage when setting in your edge and reducing vibrations and increased dampening.

So all this sounds great in terms of technology, performance and fit but how does it ride and feel 

Simply put...Next level! It is a completely different binding from last year. I normally ride the Ronix Code 55 because I like a stiff responsive feel that results in instant feedback that I have never found in another wakeboard binding.

Now I ride the Ronix One boot because I have found the same feeling and response that I got from the stiffer boot (Ronix Code 55) but with the added bonus of fewer materials between me and my wakeboard. The customizable fit and comfort is truly hard to explain having always ridden a size 9 since I started kitesurfing and wakeboarding but this year I ride a size 8. At first I questioned how much it would pack out and take to the shape of my foot especially as my left foot is slightly larger. It does not take long, After 5 minuets in the shop flexing they started to mould and the discomfort was getting better. The double Stuff Footbeds will Self-align to your natural foot canting so its better on your knees and joints. The Flex of the Ronix One boot is mid-stiff providing a perfect balance between responses and tweaking grabs out.

Now I have had 3 sessions in them totalling about 10 hours and there is no question in my mind that I will be riding these Ronix One Boots all season long because it’s only going to get better and better with no pressure points through the entire binding.

The bindings fit like a glove and all thanks to the new “Skeleton” infrastructure.  It helps adapt to your foot’s exact shape, making sure you have that one of a kind fit! Keep an eye out for me in my Anodised Cherry Red Ronix Ones on the beach and the cable and make sure you check out the other colour ways Nuclear Yellow and 1600 White

Ronix One Boots Cherry red

The line up this year from Ronix is insane with some of the best colours on the market you are bound to stand out at your local cable park or on the beach.  The first thing you always notice when you pick up a wakeboard binding is the weight and no one beats Ronix wakeboard bindings in that area. How do you make a boot so strong, supportive and have mad response feel so padded and comfortable, Brain Frame!!

If you have any more questions on the Ronix One bindings or the rest of the Ronix wakeboard bindings line up for 2015 give us a call in the shop we would be happy to help and find you your perfect Wakeboard binding for the new season! 01202 738448

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