Get ready to go bananas (literally) for Ronix Frank wakeboard bindings, derived from deep in the South American jungles, these boots really are bananas yo!

Don’t blend in, stand out as the inspiration behind the colour of these bad boys comes from the unique not quite green or yellow colour only found in bananas for a day or so.

So what makes these bindings unique and unforgettable? The fact that these bindings actually smell like bananas is one good reason why you should fall in love! Visit the past with the use of nostalgic scents of childhood memories fixed onto the chiquita tongue label for you to recant exactly why you love or maybe don’t care for your old scratch and sniffs.

Wakeboarding in these bountiful Amazonian wonders with a similar overall feel as the bestselling One boots, truly is a great way to wake up.

With amazing features such as:

– Banana scented tongue logo
– A medium soft density liner offers both flexibility and support
– Made from our perfect lasts – wakeboard specific
– Built in j-bars improve heel hold
– Articulating cuff – the boot flexes with the rider without boot distortion
– Low friction eyelets
– New double x lacing – improved wear resistance and tensile strength
– Ridden by the most mysterious members of Ronix, Frank & Adam Errington

Take a whiff… they are ripe to be ridden so get your Ronix wakeboard bindings at S2AS.

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