Ride Engine is a grassroots brand founded three years ago by waterman Coleman Buckley. Fresh out of college, a 27-year-old Buckley quickly turned his attention from the schoolbooks of Stanford to the wind and waves of Santa Cruz. As an avid tinkerer, Coleman began dissecting and modifying kiteboarding harnesses in an attempt to make them more comfortable and functional for the surf-heavy style of kiting he and his friends were enamoured with. After a great deal of experimenting, testing and collaboration, a completely unique custom-shaped hard-shell harness emerged, and Ride Engine was born. Word of this game-changing new harness spread quickly, and it wasn’t long before Buckley was consumed with simply keeping up with orders in his makeshift production facility. In 2015, Buckley and Ride Engine joined forces with 7 Nation, an umbrella company that was able to provide the additional resources needed to refine the Armor harness, expand to other products and introduce the brand to the world. Several versions of the first production Armour Harnesses were released in 2015 and a full line of men’s and women’s wetsuits hit shelves in early 2016.


Ride Engine’s core research, development and testing operates out of Santa Cruz, where Buckley and many of his original collaborators call home base. With Mother Nature’s greatest playground – the mighty Pacific Ocean – just a stone’s throw away, R&D is more of a lifestyle than it is a duty for the Ride Engine crew. Additionally, as such a new brand, a good deal of product testing also occurs in the field, all over the world, by the crew of talented Ride Engine team riders. There’s really no better way to develop bomber gear than to put it in the hands of the best athletes in the world and cut them loose. As a 7 Nation subsidiary, the business end of Ride Engine is headquartered in Hood River, Oregon.


With Ride Engine, the better question is: what isn’t new? They launched three versions of their first production harnesses in the second half of 2015, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. At the same time, the harness was making its way around the world, they were polishing the final details on their first lineup of high-end limestone-based neoprene wetsuits, which launched in early 2016. Now, as those suits are beginning to appear on lakes, beaches and breaks across the globe, they’re working on the final touches of a full line of travel and accessory bags, and on a line of wake vests, all of which will be released late this year.

Lastly, while they’re still busy introducing the Armour harness and educating people about its unique features and benefits, they are also busy working on next year’s model which promises further innovations… Things are happening fast for Ride Engine and, as their motto says, they are always working hard to enable you to “ENJOY THE RIDE.”

Ride engine hex_core.jpg


Ride Engine’s Armor harness features a revolutionary design that will forever change expectations of how a kiteboarding harness should look, feel and perform. The core of the Armor is an ergonomic hard shell designed around hundreds of precision moulds and contoured to distribute load evenly across the lumbar and hips and lock the harness low on your back where it’s supposed to be. The result is a low- profile, form- fitting harness that will dramatically improve your entire kiteboarding experience. The Hex-Core harness is made from our Hex Honeycomb Core technology and is the most flexible of our three models, making it a bit more forgiving and universally fitting. Don’t let that description fool you though; this is still a rigid, form-fitting harness that will lock firmly in place like no other. Ride Engine Hex Core Harness

Ride Engine Patrick Rebstock Harness s2as.png


Rider collaboration is a key component to Ride Engine’s ethos. We have worked closely with some of the best kiteboarders in the world to refine the Armor’s revolutionary design, and that collaboration truly shines in the stunning Team Series lineup. Utilising compression moulding technology to layer fibreglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar, the Pro Team Series models are light, stiff and extremely durable, making this an excellent choice for hard-charging kite surfers like Patrick Rebstock, who is front lining our Pro Team collection in 2015. The Pro Team series is designed for precision t, rugged performance and a durability that will stand up to the toughest punishment. Ride Engine Rebstock Harness

Ride Engine elite Harness s2as.jpg


Form and function synergize with our high-tech and eye-catching line of Elite Carbon Collection harnesses. Constructed with double carbon fibre and Kevlar, the Elite model is our lightest, strongest and stiffest of the three harnesses. Visually stunning, we’ve made these high-end harnesses works of art as well as finely-tuned tools for fun. Simply put, we’ve redefined the meaning of the phrase “state-of-the-art,” setting new standards for next generation kite harnesses in the process� Suggested pairing of the Elite Carbon harness with the all carbon bar and rope setup creates a riding experience unlike anything else available on the market. This streamlined system is enticingly lightweight and low profile. Once riders try this fluid, direct connection to the wind, they won’t want to go back. Ride Engine Bamboo Forest Elite Harness

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So why Ride Engine harnesses?

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