Liam Peacock-  2 X World Champion RAW! with S2AS

Liam Peacock- 2 X World Champion RAW! with S2AS

What’s up everyone, my name is Liam Peacock (Pro Wakeboarder 2 x Pro Mens world Champion) and I am younger of the two Peacock brothers. My brother and I have been Wakeboarding for 15 years now and travel the world riding and competing professionally full-time now. Over the last few years we have been working closely with our sponsors Mystic and Ronix to create the best possible pro model range that we can to bring to the market. We have tried and tested different ideas and now believe we now have the best products for riders of all levels. 


Starting things out with the Wakeboard. We were out in America at Lake Ronix, And were testing different boards for our pro model. We originally had the Selekt board but coming into the new season we decided to fine-tune this and now have what we believe to be one of the best all round park boards - The Atmos. The Ronix Atmos is a playful and flexy board that lands nicely off kickers, is responsive and snappy on rails and is also great for air tricks which is another area of riding that we both enjoy. We opted for a wood layup running through the board that would allow the perfect amount of flex but still be strong enough to withstand our heavy riding styles without breaking. After putting this to the test for the last year, with many double flips and a lot of crazy course set ups at competitions, we can confirm that we believe we nailed this. The board comes in three sizes the 143, 148 and 153 so is perfect for riders of all sizes.

Next up we have the Ronix Atmos boots. We decided to create these with the walkable liners as we know how painful it sometimes can be walking back after crashing at some cable parks. We also felt that having these liners allowed the board to be a lot more reactive under your feet which we felt was very important especially when getting technical on the rails. The boots come with a three strap fastening system for tightening them, which is quick and easy to do both when on the dock and in the water. We will often ride for up to 4 hours each day so it is important for us to be able to get in and out of our boots as quickly and easily as possible. The boots also allow for a nice amount of flex but while still supporting your ankles at the base to avoid any injuries. 

Finally we have our Mystic impact vest. Once again we were working closely with Mystic over the last few years to allow us to arrive with the vest that we have now, which we are very stoked on. It’s no secret that Mystic are one of the big hitters in both the Wake and Kite scene so to be working with them on this we knew it was going to be something awesome. Over the last three years working with the Mystic team we have always created an unreal design for our life vest with an emphasis on keeping it simple, stylish and comfortable. We have two colour ways this year, one being the black and white and one being the black and grey. We think the both look great on the water and provide a level of comfort and protection that we are after when riding. We know how bad the big crashes can hurt after experiencing countless ourselves so I have always made sure to have a vest that could take the impact but while still allowing the maximum amount of movement when riding to allow us to perform at our best on the water. 


If you haven’t already we would definitely recommend checking out some of the Peacock Brothers signature line and see for yourself how awesome it is.  

Looking forward to seeing you on the water soon!


A HUGE Congratulations to Liam for becoming the 2022 Cable World Champion for the 2nd time this week from all of us at S2AS.


It’s hard for me to put into words what this title means to me. Ever since I first started riding it has always been my dream to become a World Champion. After fully rupturing my PCL ligament in my knee 9 months ago, I thought this is a dream I would no longer be able to achieve. To finally go off the dock and put down one of the hardest runs I’ve ever landed and end up with the top spot at my home park is truly what dreams are made of. It may have taken a few years to get here, but to that 10 year old kid that said he wouldn’t give up, we did it! So after never having a World title, to now winning both traditional and features in the same year, I couldn’t be more stoked to be double World Champion!!

Congrats to @loic_deschaux , @trentstuckey and @windsor47 as well, you boys killed it all week!

I want to thank everyone who’s helped me get here. Firstly, my Mum, Dad and Brother for always supporting and encouraging me. I’d also like to thank @ronixwakeboards and @mysticboarding for all their support. A big thank you as well to @neil_minter_and_associates (who’s got me back on my board after injury more times than I’d like to remember), @eastparkgym and @adaptchiropracticuk. A few other special thanks to @stuartmarston55@norris.91 and @nikyboyk94 at @watersportsworlduk@ckkoester and of course all the boys who’s riding is always inspiring me to send it hard and keep improving. Finally thanks to @plasticplayground and @thewwa for an awesome event. The list could go on and on for the people who’ve helped me get here, so a big thanks to everyone else, I’m sure you know who you are!

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