As summer is finally here, many of you will be heading out on holidays abroad and in the UK. We stock kiteboard bags from Dakine, Mystic and Takoon to make sure all your kit is kept safe in the transportation of your equipment – we only stock the best kiteboard bags here at S2AS. Here are our picks from Takoon, Mystic and Dakine.

Takoon Kiteboard bag 200cm

What’s great about this bag is that it is disguised as a golf bag. If you are not aware, due to the excess baggage charges, most airlines are now allowing a small charge (sometimes free) for golf bags – so this is perfect if you are going abroad as you may not need to pay extra fees. In terms of space, this kite bag allows up to 3 kites and 2 boards as well as accessories and a towel fitting in with ease. This bag also offers an extension for your surfboard. This is a great bag for travelling as you are able to take all your gear with you in one bag.
Key points:
Heavy duty material�
Best protection
Easy set up
Internal padded dividers
Overall this is the best travel bag we have in store for both quality and also value. For more information see here.

Mystic Ammo Twin Box with Wheels Board Bag 2013

A bonus with this board bag is that it splits into two bags. It can be frustrating when you’re at the airport and your bag is too heavy – I think you will agree that we have all been there a couple of times. However with this handy zip, it can be divided into two separate bags. The top half can also be used just for going to the beach or for a weekend trip. This bag has multi-uses which is an added bonus.
Key Points:
PVC 840D Material
Inside Zipper Boundary
Ventilation Mesh
Detachable Shoulder Strap
Address Card Visor
Secure straps on inside and outside
Front and Back Handle
Extra pockets for small gear
If you’re looking for an ultra-strong and multiuse bag, this bag is perfect for transporting all of your kiting gear whilst abroad. For more information see here.

Dakine Slider Kiteboard Bag 155cm

Dakine build some of the best bags around which are also super cheap.The inside of this bag is fully padded for light board protection and it is capable of holding one kiteboard. It offers protection for your board in the back of your vehicle, or on the way to the beach.
Key Points:
Padded wall for maximum gear protection
Webbing carry handle
8mm foam padding

This is a great slim fit board bag and is great for just heading down to the beach. For more information see here.


Overall all three boards have different uses and it all depends what you need from them. The Takoon Kiteboard is perfect if you have a lot of gear and are going abroad. However, if you are after a multiuse bag, the Mystic Ammo Twin Box with Wheels Board Bag is a winner here as it divides into two with a zip. If you are only after a simple board bag to head to the beach with then the Dakine Slider Kiteboard Bag hits the spot, as it is lightweight and easy to transport. � Check out all of our selection here.

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