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Is the Ocean rodeo Prodigy kite the best ever beginner kitesurfing kite?

The Prodigy kite really can do it all in one kitesurfing kite, We took the Prodigy out in gusty conditions and it handled them like a dream for freeriding, then out in some waves and the kite is super stable in the sky and drifts really well, the kite is light and fast moving but not crazy fast so you always know where it is in the sky with good feedback in the bar.

If Freestyle kitesurfing is your thing again the Prodigy delivers, The kite loops well not crazy big or with loads of power but perfect for the newbie kitesurfer learning his or her first kite loops or back rolls this kite is top of our list for a choice for a beginner that wants to grow in to a kitesurf kite and not out of one.

Canadian brand Ocean Rodeo renowned for producing some solid gear for harsh conditions. The prodigy kite is now in its sixth version, and is billed as a universal kite that should appeal to everyone and perform well across disciplines for the avid dabbler.

Pop it into the air, and you realise the kite is a lot lighter than some previous gear from Ocean Rodeo which was heftily built to cope with rocky launches on Canadian lakes. Turning speed has a nice, even, predictable flow to it with decent bar feedback. It’s not really a kite designed for looping, but the smaller size oblige with a fair portion of power as it whips round.


From the underneath you immediately realise that it’s got a very deep canopy and is on the more chunky side of mid aspect, and as you would expect the linear grunt produced on sheet is immediate am impressive. Stability at zenith is rock solid and relaunch is extremely simple, making it a pretty epic kite for a beginner,� It’s not a kite with a never ending top end, and makes you aware when it’s time to change down (Something beginner kitesurfers need to know)

The Ocean rodeo Prodigy is a great kite for unpredictable conditions and can handle most situations that are thrown at it, particularly noticeable when the wind is very gusty, as it has a fantastic shock absorber effect though the bar and lines.

In it’s wind range, the Prodigy is definitely on the friendly end of the freeride kitesurf spectrum and very suitable for beginner kitesurfers.

If y’ve got any more question about the Ocean Rodeo Kitesurfing kite or any other Kitesurfing Kites please get in touch 01202 738448


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