Now in its seventh generation, the Ocean Rodeo Flite is aimed for freeriding in lighter wind, and it claims to be as light as a mono (one) strut kite but with the stability of three struts. This year the smaller sizes have been omitted, and the range is more focused on three larger sizes consisting of a 12m, 14.5m and 17m. We’re presented with a high aspect three strut hybrid design with angular swept tips and a huge projected area. Pretty much the whole of the kite is in the wind, and a mid-sized bridle does a great job of keeping that large arc steady and open, getting out as much power from the canopy as possible.


They’ve blended two types on Dacron into the airframe, from both Dimension Polyant and Challenge, this transitions in the tips. Twin pulleys on a short bridle keep the turning speed as crisp as possible for a relatively large spanned out canopy. There’s also a notable amount of taper in the wingtip diameters, so an eye is being kept on airflow. On flying, the air of efficiency about the kite. Another notable trait carried over from last year is a large amount of power dump available in a short depower throw, and decent control when you’ve got some depower winched in.

It’s not a truck of a light wind kite and it’s clearly doing its level best to feel as small and nimble as possible. This carries over into the handling where the bar pressure is fairly light, and the feedback seems improved on last year’s model. The Flite is intelligently built, and is a payful kite to fly.

General free riding with a twintip is probably where the kites shines the most.


If you’ve got any more question about the Ocean Rodeo Flite Kitesurfing kite or any other Kitesurfing Kites please get in touch 01202 738448


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