Originally started as a drysuit company in 2001, Ocean Rodeo quickly jumped into the kiting arena and has not looked back on either front since.

As the only Canadian brand in kiteboarding and based in the Pacific Northwest, our climate and conditions are extremely demanding. As such, Ocean Rodeo provides a full line of performance inspired products, with an emphasis on safety, innovation, ease of use, and top tier quality.

Ocean Rodeo has a number of industry firsts to its credit, including the chicken loop’s push away release, flexible board construction, leashless board recovery, world’s first surfing drysuit, and captive zip self-donning drysuit technology.

We design, build, test, redesign, re-test, and re-think every product we make in order to ensure you the most performance-oriented wind and water experience.


Hailing from Victoria BC, Canada, our home shores are rugged. There are few sandy beaches, with rocky log strewn landscapes being pounded with winter storms being more the norm. As such, our testing environments are harsh, and our products must endure it all.

Surfers, sailors, kiteboarders, windsurfers, kayakers, beach lovers, water lovers… We are waterfolk one and all. Our R&D happens all the time, we don’t really take breaks on this. Every one of us that’s able to use a product will test it, from sales, to designer, to CEO. We rarely get to use our finished products, as we are too busy testing and refining the next version. Everyone’s vehicles are full of prototypes!


We have a lot going on for 2016. Our Ocean Rodeo Flite kites are getting lighter every year, pushing the boundaries for low wind LEI kiteboarding, and with the 17m being so fun, we decided to release the market’s largest pump to date with our ‘Big Pump’. Finally we will have a new board scheduled for release this spring to complement our hottest board of 2015, the Mako Duke.


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The Ocean Rodeo Mako Duke Kite Surfboard makes history as kiteboarding’s first funboard, and is the result of four years R&D to create a new type of directional kiteboard. The deep concave allows the thruster fin setup to sit further back, creating a looser feel when pivoting the tail in slower speeds, and allowing for harder carves off the rail at higher speed. The concave also ensures the board travels fast and smoothly over chop with less friction at the nose, creating a more stable ride that is ideal for transitional footwork and landing tricks. Low rocker at the tail enhances switch possibilities. The Duke has a full EPS core with a biaxle fiber glass weave lamination and a “Rampart” skin for toughness and durability, completed with a full EVA grip deck on top. The Duke comes in at just over 3.5kgs.


The Ocean Rodeo Mako is the best selling freeride twintip, its had a full rework and features a deep 18mm rail to rail concave that provides smooth, fast progress through chop and intensifies power in turns providing deep and dependable carving ability, which is aided by the rounded tips, tapered ABS down-turned rails and an engineered rocker line. The dependable rail makes boosting powerful and responsive. The new generation Mako is thinner and lighter than its predecessors, with a rugged, snowboard-style construction and a strong wood core that gives a faster flex response, with a Duraclear top and bottom coating for enhanced durability. The Mako 135 and 140 are ready to ride in conventional twintip mode while the 150 and 165 can be set up for twintip or Mutant-style riding. The Mako comes with contoured 3D EVA foot pads and new adjustable straps.


Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 17.24.50Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 17.24.34


This is the 4th generation of Ocean Rodeo’s best selling freeride/wave kite, the Ocean Rodeo Prodigy. It is their lightest model yet, and is built around a strong 3 strut design that works within a large wind range and maintains stability in tricky conditions. The short length bridles reduce the chance of bridle tangles while steering even when the kite is depowered, making difficult landing and launching easier to manage. The Prodigy’s Direct Depower System allows for an almost complete depower of your kite and is designed to fully roll over and disable your kite in the event of an eject or total depower. On-water reset and relaunch is engineered to be extremely user-friendly in all conditions. Power delivery is strong and dependable, and the kite is stable in the window when fully powered up. Boosts are powerful, simple and effective, with substantial hangtime and a gradual, ‘floaty’ landing. Variable line lengths allow the rider to adjust their lines from 10-25m, with shorter lines resulting in a direct, snappy feel and easier control, and longer line lengths delivering a larger power stroke and increased loft.


The Ocean Rodeo Flite is a� high performance light wind kite, and this latest incarnation has had a significant weight reduction and redistribution after the R&D team reassessed every element of the kite construction in each weight class, without affecting the high end light wind performance and durability. This has led to each kite being uniquely tuned toward light wind performance. The larger sizes loop easily and maintain forward flight through lulls, while the smaller sizes deliver good freeride performance, snappier loops and solid vertical lift with significant hangtime.

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The HEAT is Ocean Rodeo’s high performance one-piece drysuit, created with VENTOR drysuit-specific material which is both waterproof and contains a salt-water resistant non-porous hydrophilic PU breathable membrane. It also features their own engineered Captive Zip1 design, which allows the wearer the ability of choosing “Full Drysuit” or “Stand-by” self entry modes, which are both attainable while wearing your PFD. Worn in Full Dry mode, the HEAT remains 100% dry and breathable. When unnecessary, Stand-by mode can be achieved by opening the T-zip Masterseal main dry zip and doffing the neck seal. With the outerjacket rezipped, the suit becomes a well-ventilated jacket and pants that offers full protection from the wind and rain. Critical areas are managed with an extra 200 Denier abrasion overlay. Other features are the outer chest pocket, adjustable and removable suspenders and Polytex UV resistant seals. The HEAT is available with attached dry sock booties and Polytex UV resistant ankle seals.


Ocean Rodeo’s original one-piece drysuit is both flexible and efficient, built using VENTOR Tri-Ply breathable, waterproof fabric which is salt-water resistant and highly durable, with a 200 Denier Nylon/Taslan abrasion layer and a DWR outer layer finish to repel water, while allowing sweat release from inside. The Ocean Rodeo SOUL Drysuit features their engineered Captive Zip1 design, which allows the wearer the ability of choosing “Full Drysuit” or “Stand-by” self entry modes, which are both attainable while wearing your PFD. The seals are built with Polytex UV resistant material, and the main and crotch relief zips are German-made T-zip Masterseal dry zips. The knees, buttocks and crotch have extra protection with 420 Denier abrasion-resistant overlays, and extra boot cuff overlays in the lower leg area. The SOUL also features warming hand pockets, inside jacket stash pocket, removable hood, adjustable and removable suspenders, reflective piping and is available with attached Polytex UV resistant ankle seals.


Ocean Rodeo bars & lines maintain performance, simplicity and ease of use. With an industry leading depower and safety system, strong materials and traditional approach this company produces some of the most reliable control systems on the market.


The Ocean Rodeo control bar is a 4 line control system that is compatible with most 4-line kites on the market. Featuring below the bar swivel, above the bar trim and a low Y / front line re-ride setup the Control Bar works perfectly with all generations of Ocean Rodeo kite and virtually all other brands’ kites.� Additional features include: bar end line keepers, rear line length adjustments, optional suicide leash configuration, swivelling chicken finger and, short chicken loop length.


With Ocean Rodeo you get rugged products, tested in some of the harshest conditions by people who use only the best products where others would fail. Drysuits developed for use in cold, fast winds, kites developed to fly in the same conditions as smoothly as they would in super clean wind. You know you’re getting quality when you buy Ocean Rodeo Kites, Ocean Rodeo Boards and Ocean Rodeo Drysuits and that’s why we stock their products at Surface 2 Air Sports.

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