O’Neill� have over 60 years of experience creating wetsuits, so they know a thing or two about designing and creating gear to keep everyone warm, dry and comfortable.

For 2014,� O’Neill� have created The Spring 2014� O’Neill� Comp Vest line that features the Nytrolite Foam in four of their vests; their redesigned Gooru, Revenge Comp Vests, as well as the new Checkmate and Slasher front zip comp vests. The innovative designs are more buoyant, lighter and drier than we have seen yet.

“Nytrolite foam is constructed from a highly specialized cross-linked polyethylene, which is expanded using Nitrogen in an exclusive, proprietary process that cannot be duplicated. The foam is up to three times lighter than traditional PVC foam from other suppliers and it absorbs 15-20% less water due to the closed cell foam structure. The result is a foam that is ultra-light weight, virtually waterproof, and measurably more buoyant; making it possible for O’Neill to use less foam in each vest, without giving up any float.! – O’Neill
Scott Byerly
“I couldn’t� believe� how light these new vests with Nytrolite were. They practically levitate in mid-air!” said Team O’Neill Wake Legend Scott Byerly.
For more information, see O’Neill Website


O’Neill Nytrolite Foam is yet to be release in the UK – check out our selection of� O’Neill Wetsuits� and ‘like’ our Facebook page for up-to-date releases, news, events and when new gear is on the S2AS website!



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