Making the most of every day is the theme of Airush‘s new Slayer kiteboard. Designed for light wind and flat water conditions, the Slayer is a fun board for experienced riders and a good choice for learners and improvers. Its unusual design means that it does its job well, helping you stay on the sea when other kites can’t, but also gives it a few interesting twists.

Great for Still Water

The weather doesn’t always cooperate, and Airush the Slayer is designed to take advantage of light winds and still water. It’s not designed to hop waves, and that shows in the performance in rougher conditions.
If you’re new to kiteboarding, or even as a more established rider, you may be wondering why this is an exciting development. With wind and wave conditions varying dramatically around the British coast, it’s a definite advantage to be able to get out on the sea in low wind conditions and still be able to move around. The Airush Slayer makes the most of a light wind, keeping it fun for the rider. It’s a great tool to have in your arsenal, and if your nearest boarding patch often has light winds on days you want to ride then it’s a worthwhile investment.

Airush's Slayer kiteboard


Great for Learners and Improvers


The Airush Slayer has an unusual configuration, but that doesn’t mean it’s for experts only. The Slayer is designed to be used without straps, and is a good choice if you’re transitioning or trying out this style of riding. The Slayer features what Airush call an ‘Arch Bar Pad’, a raised bar that fits under the arch of your foot, giving you that extra degree of control.
If you’re starting to do tricks, the Airush Slayer’s a good choice, too, as it’s neat design makes it easy to handle backwards and forwards. It’s not a twin-tip, but the 45 degree angle at the tail does its job, making it easier to handle fin first than many other boards.

Technical Info

  • Directional board
  • Designed to be used without straps
  • 2 or 3 straps provided
  • Up to 5 fins
  • Double planning surface
  • Strake nose
  • Large board – 54cm or 60cm wide
Side of Airush's Slayer

Customise your Ride

While the Airush Slayer is designed to be used without footstraps, there’s space for either two or three straps, so you can customise your board to suit your style. You can also select the number of fins. While most boards come with three fins, the Slayer can have up to five. Increasing the fins and altering the layout gives you quite a different ride, so it’s worth experimenting.
The Slayer comes in two board sizes, and the different sizes come with different hardware as standard. The 154 x 54cm board comes with 2 footstraps and 13cm fins, while the larger 165 x 60cm board comes with 3 footstraps and 15cm fins.

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