New Forest Water Park

New Forest Water Park

New Forest Wakeboard Park

 new forest cable parknew forest cable park 

The New Forest Water and Wake Park is easily one of the biggest wakeboard parks in the UK. They are home to a wide range of features and provide an amazing wakeboarding experience. No matter what level of skill you wakeboard at. It is also home to such professional riders such as Max Cuckney who was world champion at the age of 16. Max rides for Slingshot Wakeboards.

The New Forest Water Park have also had multiple positive reviews about their friendly, supportive staff and the delicious, affordable food you can order from their snack bar in between breaks.

Whats the parks plastic like?

One of the best in the UK that would be fair, the upkeep of the park is Impeccable. From each and every obstacle, and what makes this park really stand out. They love to switch things up and keep the riders improving by moving the obstacles around the park. Just when you think you have that perfect line really dialled in. Boom they switch it up so you can find and learn new better lines.

Wakeboarding at Cable park

One disadvantage of having such a great quality Wakeboard Park with no competition in its area. Is that it can be extremely busy at times which can make it difficult to book sessions. To solve this problem the New Forest Waterpark now offer memberships which prioritise you over others. Making your sessions less expensive if you’re a common rider. 

Some customers complain about the overpriced costs of riding at New Forest. Although for such high quality features and grounds personally we think the costs are affordable. Especially for the amount of time you get on the water. 

New forest wakeboard park

With this being within a very small number of Family owned and run Cable parks in the UK the level of service is second to none. These guys are always on the dock to help you out no matter the reason first dock start or your first back roll these guys will be there for you. It truly is one of the only wakeboard cable parks in the UK that has zero intimidation no matter what the level of riders are.

Wakeboarding S2AS cABLE

Overall we think that the New Forest Waterpark is most definitely in the top 5 best wakeboard parks in the UK, they provide an excellent service.

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