A massive hit when it was introduced as part of the 2013, the Airush Wave 2014 is better than ever. The designers have taken on board feedback from riders and created something truly special. The Airush Wave 9m was the stand out kite from the range and it’s only been improved for the new season. In addition to a few tweaks to improve the ride of the Airush Wave kites, the company have introduced new sizes. There are now 5 in the range, from a nippy 5m kite, designed for high wind situations to a 12m kite for low wind conditions.

Naturally, the S2AS testers were keen to get their hands on the new Airush Wave and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Phrases like “simply outstanding”, “excellent” and “highly recommended by all of the S2AS team who tested it” were bandied about as we tried to prise the test kite from their hands.

Riding Every Wave

S2AS is based in Poole and we know our local waters better than the backs of our hands. Add up all the hours we’ve spent on the waves, you get a really big number and good coverage of UK beaches and ride sites around the world. One of the major advantages of the new Airush Wave 2014 range is that it lets you choose the right kite for the right situation. Riding in Poole, a tester said the Airush Wave 9m boasts “an amazing low end power and re-launchability like no other kite I have flown” while the 5m is making a splash over the channel in the Netherlands, where high wind conditions dominate.�

A Joy to Handle

Easy to use and a joy to handle, the new Airush Wave is agile, responsive and well-balanced. It’s a versatile kite that lets you ride hooked in or unhooked, switching easily on the water. The Airush Wave is designed to be durable and to take a beating, which is great news for beginners, improver’s and anyone who likes to cane it on the waves. As our tester put it: “the Aramid load frame gives added piece of mind as if you happen to crash your kite on the waves, it is much less likely to be damaged.”�

Technical Info

  • Designed for surf riders
  • Lightweight 3 strut design
  • High strength, durable Aramid load frame�
  • UV-resistant, long-lasting Techno Force fabrics
  • High performance V3 bridle system�
  • Available in 5 sizes: 5m, 6m, 7m, 9m and 12m
  • Packs down to a single duffle

Choose your Ride

The Airush Wave 9m is an incredibly versatile kite, but we’re still glad that Airush expanded the range to include more sizes. We would happily recommend any of these kites. Depending on your skill level, weight and favourite riding site, you may prefer one of the smaller or larger ones in the range. To discuss your particular needs, simply contact Surface 2 Air Sports directly.

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