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The origins of Never Summer Snowboards begins in 1983 with Tim and Tracey Canaday, two brothers from Colorado that were avid skiers back in the early days of snowboarding until a family friend took them out snowboarding in the backcountry, instantly they were hooked!



Deciding that they could build boards themselves ‘Swift Snowboards’ was born based out of their family garage, making surfboard style shapes, Tim was the creator and designer whilst Tracey drove around and sold the boards out of his Honda Civic. This production went from 1983-86 until the brothers decided to call it a day not having made a great deal of money and both wanting to go to college in California.


Reawakenings and Rebirth


Steve Link in 007 ‘A View To A Kill’


Following a move back to Colorado and a chance encounter with Steve Link in 1990, the Canaday brothers started up Never Summer! Working out of the stunt double’s factory ‘Summit Snowboards’, Never Summer went from strength to strength innovating P-Tex sidewalls increasing their snowboards durability and is widely seen throughout the industry today as well as being the first company to offer a 2-year warranty.



In ’93 Nvr Smr opened the doors to their own factory in Denver (where they are still based today) allowing them to take full creative control of their manufacturing processes and production line. They now employ up to 70 workers many of whom have been with them 10yrs+ and are considered an integral part of the Never Summer family.


Innovation and Variation


In 2007 recognizing the success many companies were having with ‘Rocker’ profiles, Never Summer began working on their now world-famous ‘Original Rocker Camber‘! Having already pioneered some early rocker technology in their Swift line-up in the 80’s they decided what was needed was an increase in stability, and having there own factory allowed them to go from concept to usable prototypes within 2 days!


RipSaw Rocker Camber demonstrated on the Proto Type 2


Continuing to be at the forefront of innovation Never Summer now have another two variations on there patented hybrid camber design! RipSaw Rocker Camber that can be found on the 2019 Never Summer West� has increased camber sections to allow the rider to get greater precision and edging while still maintaining that playful feel underfoot!


2019 Never Summer Shaper Twin with Fusion Rocker Camber


Recently they have returned to their roots developing the new ‘Fusion Rocker Profile’ which incorporates greater transition areas for greater uplift in the deep stuff and a more traditional surfy feel.

All in all Never Summer continue to progress from strength to strength slowly building and improving, maintaining their creative control allowing them to stay at the forefront of an ever growing industry. Here at Surface2Air, we are incredibly proud to stock Never Summer snowboards as they define themselves as a quality brand with a reputation to uphold and will only allow knowledgeable specialty stores to stock their products!



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