Mystic MK8 X Review - Sam's Setups

Mystic MK8 X Review - Sam's Setups

Hi, welcome to the first edition of the Sam’s Setups series where I will be taking you through the kit I love and use day in day out. So a bit about me I have been working at S2AS for just over a year now and have had a real passion for board sports from a young age. Over the years I have had the chance to try a real broad range of equipment across many sports including wakeboarding, kitesurfing, and wing foiling. Some equipment I liked and some I didn’t, but I will be giving you an insight into the equipment I love to use when I head out on the water myself.
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Category: Helmet

Brand: Mystic

Model: MK8 X

Link: Mystic MK8 X helmet


Made from high impact thermoplastic to protect your head whilst still being lightweight and comfortable. The MK8 X has an adjustable dial fit system, removable foam inserts, and detachable ear pads (not included) to make this an extremely comfortable helmet for all water sports enthusiasts.

Why I Chose This Product?

Being largely into water sports and board sports I am aware having the correct safety equipment is very important and for the past few years I have been using the mystic MK8 X helmet in night blue. I have tested this helmet to the max, wearing it for long days out on the water kitesurfing, wakeboarding, foiling and much more, it has even earned me the title of Safety Sam down at the beach.

This helmet is extremely comfy and fits to the shape of my head really well, which I and many others have had trouble finding in helmets in the past. The quality of fit is down to the adjustable dial at the back of the helmet, foam padding, and the correct sizing. It is worth noting that a helmet is only most effective when it fits correctly, and we have found the mystic helmets come up quite big. For example I usually wear a medium or large helmet in other brands however I wear the small in the MK8 X, so it’s really important to make sure you check the size charts or ideally try one on first.

The comfort combined with the lightweight stream line design of the helmet allows for prolonged use and an unobstructed feel while protecting your self to a CE certified level with no compromise to your performance.

The MK8 X also features a cutting-edge alternative to your traditional helmet strap clip, the fidlock quick release. This fastener system is a sliding magnetic clip which is as secure as a traditional clip system but removes the risk of the dreaded skin pinch when doing up your helmet. This lock system also allows quick in and out and one handed operation to allow you to even do your helmet up on the fly.

The MK8 X comes in 6 awesome colours so you can always find one that suits your style.

You may have also seen that mystic have another helmet model called the MK8. This has the same shell and padding to the MK8 X however does not have the adjustable size dial, fidlock quick release fastener strap, and quite as large price tag. So my top pick and what I use is the MK8 X but if this is a bit out your price range it may be worth looking at the more basic MK8 model.


- Extremely versatile helmet

- Premium fit and adjustability with the dial system

- Lightweight and streamline

- Comfortable for long periods of time

- Easy on and off and reduced risk of skin pinch with the fidlock quick release fastener

- CE approved



- Sizing comes up big so measure up or try one on first

- Premium price


Wrap up

So if you like what you heard here today you can check out the MK8 X helmet range on our site here:

Mystic MK8 X


If you want some of the benefits of the MK8 X but want to save a bit of cash check out the Mystic MK8 helmet here:

 Mystic MK8


And if you want to see me putting my helmet into action you can check out my instgram @safetysam.official


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