Mystic Legend Wetsuit 2015 Review

The Mystic Legend wetsuit is just Epic! As the name suggests you associate a legend with being the best and this wetsuit is Mystic’s top of the line best offering. The Mystic Legend wetsuit is packed full to the seams of features but I want to talk about the most important ones.

The Legend wetsuit is super flexible and has a windproof panel at the front and the back to protect you from the cold winds as much as possible. In addition to that, this wetsuit has a unique quick dry fabric and polygiene lining on the inside, which makes the wetsuit dry faster than any other wetsuit and stay odor free (See Picture). Perfect if you want to go out for a second session during the day and you don’t want to step in a wet wetsuit. (We all hate that)

The biggest new feature is the quick dry lining; this is used inside of the wetsuit that is designed to wick water away from your body draining much faster then a traditional lining suit keeping You warmer and more comfortable for longer.


Plus when you take it off after your session everyone Comes up to ask you about it and its pretty much dry!

The Mystic Legend Wetsuit also has the 100% M-Flex neoprene,

Mystics most flexible material combining this with the front zip entry increasing the

Mobility in the back and shoulders really helps when steering, sheeting in and out and

Grabbing the board or swimming in at the cable. The front zip, double neck neoprene

On the outside and glideskin on the inside stops the unwanted flushes and feels nice on

your neck to protect against rashes.  

 When you’re climbing in to this legend wetsuit the first thing you Notice is the thickness of the maternal and build quality as your foot slides down you will feel how super fluffy and toasty The quick dry lining is. When I have been on the water and rashed it’s has been hard get any water inside this suit even when my kite drags me 20 feet down wind. The seals are amazing, With the Velcro ankle straps, non slip cuffs and double neck you get a amazing seal so there is no way water is making its way in. After a two-hour cable session it was practically dry! 

Mystic Legend frontzip Wetsuit 2015

Here at Surface2Air Sports we love this suit and I am going to miss getting in it this summer but for once I will be looking

Forward to those strong winter winds and getting my Mystic Legend out to keep me on the water

All year round!

Mystic Wetsuits have been focusing on their suits improving the workmanship in the factory to compete with the best in the surf industry and it is great to see the results. You really have to try them out for your self.

If you have any more questions on the Mystic Legend wetsuit or the rest of the Mystic line up for 2015 give us a call in the shop we would be happy to help and find your perfect wetsuit for the new season. TEL:01202 738448 


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