Glenn Kitesurfing the flat waters in Sri Lanka
Glenn Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka S2AS
Glenn Kitesurfing the flat waters in Sri Lanka

As you might have read in my blog about my kitesurf instructor life, before working for Surface 2 Air Sports, I lived in many countries before ending up in the UK. In the next few weeks, I would like to share my travel experience and knowledge with you in several travel blogs. Giving, you inspiration with planning your next kitesurfing holiday.

Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya, Sri lanka.

Kalpitiya is just a 3.5 hrs drive from it’s Int airport Colombo.

It started to develop as a kitesurf destination only a few years ago. I honestly can say that the conditions are one of the best I’ve kited. The beaches are isolated and have stunning sunsets. There are a few hotels, and most of the restaurants are attached to hotels. The average price of a resort in Kalpitiya is £45.00

Most of the kitesurf centers are located along the lagoon.

The main Kitesurf spot is Kalpitiya lagoon. The huge lagoon is flat and for riders and Kitesurfing lessons or students. The lagoon sits only 100 meters from the Ocean so that the wind comes clean from the sea, while the water in the Lagoon is blocked by a small dune – meaning the wind doesn’t get a chance to churn up the lagoon’s lake-flat water.

You can kite in the lagoon between 10am and 5pm when the schools operate. After 5 pm, the Kalpitiya lagoon should be only used by the local fisherman, but you can continue riding on the ocean side.

S2AS Kitesurf Instructor teaching students
Glenn running though technique with beginner kitesurfers

The main town ( Kalpitiya) is roughly 5km away. Unfortunately, there are no proper roads from the lagoon to the town – just a dirt path through the marshes, which gets flooded frequently and becomes inaccessible by anything else but a 4WD. But Tuk-tuk drivers are more daring and experienced and give you a ride for around 700 LKR (£3.20).

The location in terms of the kitesurfing lagoon is outstanding. It has long been considered the top kitesurfing destination thanks to its perfectly reliable wind season and a near-constant stream of 20+ knots. Many kitesurfing pro’s hailing Kalpitiya as the future kite-mecca with the world’s most reliable winds

Sunsets in Sri Lanka with S2AS
Amazing Sunsets, Book your next kitesurf trip with S2AS

The ocean can serve as a friendly wave spot.

About 15km south is Kappalady lagoon. An excellent alternative to Kalpitiya lagoon as there are fewer crowds. There is a small beach hut where you can relax. It is run by a friendly local who sells drinks and snacks and can help launch & land your kite.

In Kalpaiya there are two distinct kite seasons summer season which runs� May to October� and winter season from� mid-December to mid-March.� Both summer and winter are warm, dry and windy, but the wind direction changes making every spot a new adventure! The Indian Ocean is ideal for wave kitesurfing, and the best thing is that its right on the other side of the lagoon. So the best of both worlds! Along the north of the peninsula coastline, there are small islets, reefs and sandbanks and are perfect for down winders

Kalpitiya is a magical place and exploration of the surrounding area is a must. From the peculiar head wobble of the local Tamil people to the donkeys arrogantly wandering the streets, to the tuk-tuk driving you to different kite spots – this is a wild and fascinating place. Maybe you are thinking now of making a ten days trip and kitesurfing at this exotic location, with exploring some other parts of this fantastic island.

Glenn Boosting high kitesurfing with S2AS
Glenn Boosting high kitesurfing with S2AS

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