Offering a more diverse range of kitesurfing than anywhere else in Europe Portugal if definitely the place to go!





The northern end of Portugal offers prime conditions year round, although it really comes into its own from March to October. Esposende is just 30minutes drive from the vibrant city of Porto, with a consistent northwesterly wind offering daily 15 to 30 knot conditions; we recommend you take your 9 and 12 metre kites (we find Core GTS4 to be a great choice for this environment). Freestyle and beginner riders should stay near the river mouth to make the most of the butter flat water, whilst wave riders find great joy heading across to the ocean side of the beach and taking advantage of the Atlantic swells.


Core GTS4


You can expect fairly constant air temperatures of 15-22°C in mid season, meaning you’ll rarely need more than a good shortythough we’d recommend packing a few extra layers for when the sun goes in. Whilst smaller than Porto, the city of Esposende has plenty going for itself with many bars and restaurants where you can while away the non-kiting hours.


Alternatively further south you can find Western Europe’s oldest city Lisbon, a place rich in culture and history and only a short drive from several premium kiting spots. Caparica and Carcavelos are the closest beaches that offer great opportunities to start the day with some surfing before the Nortada wind picks up around noon. If you’re after dedicated wave riding Guincho is a fantastic choice though we’d suggest packing a 5m (ie. Link wave kite) due the occasional 40knot blow out!


Guincho, Lisbon


Water temperatures will be in the high teens during summer so you will be fine in boardies however if you are planning a winter trip a 5/4mm is a necessity, it’s still Europe after all. Furthermore S2AS would recommend hiring a car in order to hit the plethora of different spots and make the most of your trip, as the aren’t always easily accessible without one. Beyond kitesurfing Lisbon is a thriving city of culture with a vast quantity of activities and adventures held within.

Lastly the southern Algarve coastline stretches for 200km along the bottom strip of Portugal and is mostly made up of natural reservations. With air temperatures in the high teens in winter and pushing 30°C in the height of summer make this area ideal for the sunseekers amongst us, although bear in mind the beaches do tend to be quite busy so head west for fewer crowds.

Ria Formosa, Algarve


There’s something to be found for all levels and styles of rider in this area however it is best to ask local knowledge to make the most of it as spots can vary quite dramatically depending on the tides. We would certainly recommend Ria Formosa a stunning lagoon system littered with sandbanks begging to be explored.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, thanks from the S2AS team!

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