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On the Water

Cumbuco is one of the kiting’s best-known hotspots that plays host to countless pro riders and travelling kiters throughout the season. It’s also where two-time freestyle World Champion, Carlos Mario, learned his craft.

Cumbuco boasts incredible kiting across its long golden-sand beach and the infamous Cauipe Lagoon, six kilometres from town. The beach is ripe for downwinders and you can kite down to the lagoon from town. Along the way you’ll find chop and small shorebreak and some sandbanks a little further out that can kick up some fun little waves, too. Cumbuco is also the perfect starting point for longer downwind adventures and a number of companies, like Surfin Sem Fin arrange trips from there covering up to hundreds of kilometres.


Caupie Lagoon is a freestyler’s dream with shallow, butter flat water and nothing to obstruct the wind, so it can get busy during the main season. You will see tricks here from the locals that will blow your mind, though. Pull up a seat! There are a couple of basic restaurants, so you can get lunch at the spot.

There’s a wave spot just a couple of kilometres from Cumbuco called Pico dos Almas and Pecem port is some 15 kilometres downwind where there can be clean, peeling waves. You’re also within a short drive of the world-class spots like Paracuru and Taiba.

Wind, Weather and Water

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Cumbuco enjoys a long season with perfect air and ocean temperatures that complement its strong, consistent southeasterly trade winds. Blowing cross, to cross-onshore from the right, its windy enough to kite from June through to January most of the time although you might be on your 12 metre in the early season we’d recommend the Core GTS5. August onwards you’ll generally be out on a nine with a thermal effect adding to the forecasted conditions. The further north you go the stronger the wind gets.

Daytime temperatures sit at around 29 degrees Celsius dropping to 23 at night. The water temperature is a very pleasant 27 degrees Celsius for much of the year.

Off The Water

Choose between hotels and guesthouses or rent an apartment/house with a group if you’re planning on staying for most of the season. Duro Beach hotel is right on the beach with stylish well-appointed rooms and spacious grounds. There’s a restaurant right on the beach too, and you can kite out front of the hotel before coming back and relaxing by the pool after your session!

There are over 30 restaurants in and around town serving everything from local fish dishes to European and Asian Cuisine. There’s also an ATM and three basic supermarkets as well as a couple of lively clubs/bars.

During the high season this is one of the most reliable spots in the world but, if it doesn’t happen, then go quad biking, horse riding, SUPing, join mountain or buggy tours, do yoga classes pr check into one of the local spas. There’s also a water park.

Fortaleza is about 30 kilometres up the road. It’s a busy city of three million people, crime is more of an issue there, so exercise caution in some parts.

You won’t need to hire a car if you’re planning to stay in Cumbuco as you can walk everywhere and taxis are at hand, too. If you want to travel further afield, rent one in Cumbuco or in Fortaleza.

Additional Information

Fortaleza Pinto Martins is a 30 kilometre ride away from Cumbuco and it takes about 40 minutes by taxi. Check with your accommodation for transfers.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this blog, thanks from the S2AS team!

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