Poole Harbour Watersports  

Poole Harbour Watersports and its surrounding beaches, has over the years become somewhat of a water sports Mecca.� Attracting people to the area from all walks of life because it holds host to the huge range of water sports from sailing, wake boarding, jet skiing, surfing, kayaking, wind surfing, power boating, scuba diving, stand up paddle boarding, and my personal favorite the amazing sport of kite surfing.

Kite surfing first appeared in the late 90’s, and is the fastest growing water sport in the world, which is always evolving and improving with newer safer kites and gear. Kite surfing is an adventurous adrenaline filled surface water sport, it has been describing as combining, wind surfing, power kiting, wake boarding and a bit of gymnastics into one awesome extreme sport.� Kite surf water born kites harness the power of the wind to propel a rider across the water on a small duel direction board.� There are two main disciplines of kite surfing, freestyle and wave riding.� Free style involves performing complex aerial trick’s a lot of these tricks have evolved from the wake boarding back ground.� Wave riding enables you to use the kite to surf waves big or small by using the kite to pull you into and out of the surf.

Poole Harbour Watersports and the surrounding area have a big kite surf and community, with a large kite surf club probably the biggest in the UK. The club helps to promote safer kiting and a good community within Poole and is open to everyone because unlike surfing, kite surfing it not indignantly competitive in any way just like minded people with the same passion for the sport, Poole kite surfing offers everything to all levels of riders. Beginners have the safety of the harbour, Whitely Lake kite surf area with its very large expanse of shallow flat water.� Whereas, for the more experienced to advanced riders there is Poole bay’s blue flag beaches, which stretch from Sandbanks to Hengistbury head offering wave riding or free style.� I personally like both locations in various wind conditions, Each has its merits.

No doubt if you are staying in Poole for a few days you would have seen people kite surfing either on the beach or in the Harbour and thought to yourself wow that looks like a lot of fun I’d like to have a go at that! But are wondering how to get into the sport, the best bit of advice I can give is to go to a professional kite surf school like surface 2 air sports and take some lessons.� I have been kite surfing for about 4 years, and when I first started I completed a two days course with Surface 2 Air Sports and can remember it as if it was yesterday, they do every thing from one day taster course, two day full course and even one to one 2 hour improver lessons plus they sell all the best brands of kite equipment and are only too happy to help with all you kite surf needs. When I approached them regarding lessons I found them to be a friendly and professional local company based in lower Parkstone Ashley Cross.� They were very helpful, and advised that I take a two day course Due to the fact I was a complete novice to the sport.

The course was run over two full days, all the equipment as supplied as part of the course wet suite, helmet, harness, buoyancy aid, and kite equipment, all I needed to take was swimming shorts towel
And some money for lunch

The course itself was very structured and all very relevant. The first half of the first day was at Baiter Park land based flying site, flying with small foil kite to get me used to flying a power kite and how rig that up as well as the big water born kite surf kite and all the safety side of things also.
The second half for the first day was at Whitely Lake kite surfing area doing water based flying body dragging and more safety instruction.

Day two of the course was all water base from the off recapping what we had learnt in the afternoon the day before so buy the mid morning I was quite competent flying the kite surf kite body dragging etc then it was all about the extra element of the kite board and trying to get upon that and going along. By the end of the course I had achieved my goal I had a few short runs up on the board planning along followed by a big splash. I found the course both fun, exciting and informative the instructors were a credit to Surface 2 air shop friendly, enthusiastic, knowledgeable helpful and fun I would recommend them to anyone. I was completely hook on my new sport kite surfing and safe in my new found knowledge a few days later purchased my first kite, board, harness and wetsuit all at a amazing deal from the same shop I did my course with because I did my course with them. Once again I found they were very helpful and informative. I still use Surface 2 air sports to this day for all my gear as I believe they give the best advice service in the area a big thank you to them for all there help over the years!!! I still kite surf today if fact my passion for the sport have grown and grown pushing my limits every time I get out on the water and always come of the water after a session the biggest smile on my face. All I say it try it do a course if you dare, but be warned if you embark on one you will be hooked on the sport for life just like I am.

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