My Name is Joe Nelson and I am 39 and a self-build property developer. I’ve been doing this for 4 years and love the freedom it gives me to get on the water and spend quality time with my partner Bianca and our two children.





I come from a windsurf background and did several seasons as an instructor, but I gave up windsurfing completely 6 years ago due to work and life getting in the way.

The reasons I got into foiling, firstly it look really cool, and immediately I said I have to try that. It became apparent to me straight away that winging was going to be so much more versatile and accessible than windsurfing. I could go out in marginal conditions and still have a great time. This made it both family friendly and easier to fit around my work commitments.

Secondly, it works so well in our local conditions. We don’t get the waves of North Cornwall but the first time you catch some windblown swell and ride it with the wing luffing behind you and suddenly you’re a surfer with a great big smile.




The new Slingshot Slingwing V3‘s on first impressions they are noticeably lighter than my previous wings. I love how well made they are with reinforced areas where you need them. I’m looking forward to seeing how the new feature of a central front batten will help the wing fly in a neutral position while riding a wave.

The V3 is super stiff with pump-up pressure of 10 psi meaning that Slingshot have confidence in the build quality, and as a result have produced a super-stiff wing that is more powerful for its size than the other leading brands.



The opportunity to join the rider team at S2AS is fantastic. I’m not by any means an elite rider, but more importantly, I’m the intermediate rider on the beach that understands what a person who’s getting into winging needs. I hope to be approachable and always happy to let people try the new Slingwing V3.

If I can introduce more people to the sport and help them that would be amazing. The next steps for me are to improve my wave riding and get my jumps bigger and better.


If you ever want to say hello or get some advice on winging equipment I ride Avon Beach predominantly in a South-Westerly or Brancsome Dean Chine if it swinging westerly. Anything else I’m going in the harbour practicing tacks gybes and 360s!


Hope to see you on the water soon!


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