Hyperlite System Bindings setup

Hyperlite System bindings lead the way

Hyperlite System bindings lead the way in Wakeboard Binding advancements

 Hyperlite System Bindings

Since its introduction in 2011 The Hyperlite Systems have continued to lead the way in Wakeboard binding advancement. Inspired by the 2-strap ratchet snowboard binding loved in snow sports, they offer a rider the “ultimate connection to their wakeboard delivering unmatched edge control and feel like no other”. No other boot from any wakeboard brand offers a 2-part combination of a separate binding and boot that gives the freedom of what attaches you to the board.


The Hyperlite 2023 Tech:

2-Part Theory – The binding and boot pair for the ultimate connection. Bindings deliver support and security; the boots provide control and comfort.

Baseless Interface – Best boot to board control possible, stand directly on the board for instant response without a plate or chassis between you and your wakeboard.

Reinforced Ultralight Chassis – glass filled nylon chassis, injection moulded to create a super tough durable and lightweight binding.

Aluminium Mounting System – Reinforced stability plates with a raised teeth interlocking design reducing heel lift solidifying your connection.

Adjustable Toe Strap – New hydrophobic adjustable toe strap for customised support and toe-side retention. Designed to be worn on top or around the toe for customisable comfort. Injection moulded material repels water during the ride leading to zero water absorption therefore no added weight.

Flexion Ankle Strap - New hydrophobic adjustable ankle strap for customised support and toe-side retention. Injection moulded material repels water during the ride leading to zero water absorption therefore no added weight.


There’s 2 choices…

The Hyperlite System Pro Binding – Highback and footbeds

Hyperlite System Pro Bindings

The System Pro is built on the ultralight polycarbonate chassis and water repellent materials for a super light responsive binding especially when wet. What differs for the pro models from the low-back is the urethane highback. This additional support rising from the heel cup is pliable when flexed laterally but is stiffer and more supportive when direct pressure is applied. This means maximum mobility and response from you board boot attachments. Exclusive to the System Pro Binding is a removable EVA footbed. Take it out for direct boot to board control or add it in for additional impact protection and a mellower feel under foot. Perfect for both boat and cable riders.


The Hyperlite System Lowback – Range Of Motion

Hyperlite System Low Bindings

The lowback, loved by cable riders but enjoyed behind the boat as well. With no highback or footbed, the lowbacks offer more range of motion than any other wakeboard binding. The binding provides more than enough edge control and the truest connection to your wakeboard. The Lowback is a binding that provides all the support needed for riders who enjoy more of a flexible feel.


The Hyperlite System boots

Continuing the revolution of wakeboarding walk boot bindings, the Hyperlite 2023 range has 3 boot options. Each one varies in the range of motion and the amount of support. The beauty of a simple system binding is you can specify the flex and support of your boot sith the binding chassis locking whatever boot you choose securely to the board.


Hyperlite Freepress Boot

Hyperlite Freepress Boots 2023

JB O’Neills Signature boot. It has the tallest cuff height in the System boot range and offers greater support running to mid calf and a midrange motion feel for precise board response.


Hyperlite Distortion Boot

Hyperlite Distortion Boots 2023

Alex Aubach’s Signature boot. A mid-level cuff height boot with enough support to feel secure while allowing for an ideal range of movement. With a lower cuff height than the Freepress this is going to give a more range of movement.


Hyperlite Gooey Boot

Hyperlite Gooey Boot 2023

Trever Meur’s Signature boot. The softest boot in the system range giving the maximum range of movement to a rider. This boot will have you flexing your board into positions you didn’t know were possible.


Hyperlite Aries Boot

Hyperlite Aries Boots Womens 2023

Lisa Baloo Signature boot. Continuing to push and grow the system boot range, for 2023 a bot arrives designed to fit a ladies foot. Similar to the Distortion, the Aries features a mid hight cuff with a power strap allowing the rider to determine the level of flexibility they want from their Wakeboard boot.


This years Hyperlite system line up looks better than ever:

Hyperlite Sytem Boots 2023

For over 10 years the Hyperlite System boot has continued to push and evolve wakeboard set ups but has consistently been a loved boot in the wakeboard community. With the cable park scene growing, walk boot bindings are being offered by all the top brands, but none have the history and simplicity of a ratchet strapped chassis that locks your boot of choice directly to your board. Hyperlite aren’t resting on their lorals however, they continue to evolve and improve the 2 part set ups; stitched heels on all the boots to prevent sole separation, larger loops on the back of the boot for easier entry, harder wearing materials to make the boots last longer. The list goes on.

The System bindings, here to stay, and leading the way in binding advancements.

 Hyperlite System Boots 2023

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