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Whilst relatively new on the scene Follow Life vests have landed with a splash! As a wakeboarding wearables and accessories brand founded in 2010, Follow are committed to creating products with a quality that you can touch and feel. From materials, to function and finish, they take no shortcuts!

Follow began in 2010 with a line of tow handles and a few small accessories built with a few simple rules in mind “no gimmicks, no bright lights, just good quality product that works”. And by building slowly Follow has ensured that they have stayed true to their ethos, but now supply a wide range of quality wearables everything from Impact Vests to Wetsuits!


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Here at S2AS we love Follow not only because of their use of quality materials and manufacturing processes such as Dual Layer Neoprene and Feather Weight Foam but because of the diversity in their range, with three different styles of fit; ProFit (for the ripped), Pro Fit 2 (for the lean) and Happy Fit (for those that enjoy a burger rather than the gym), as well as new Wakesurf specific Vests, designed for lower speeds and maximum flexibility!


2019 Follow SPR Freemont Impact Vest (Black)

Furthermore, innovating with with their SPR range, Follow have been working hard to reduce their air and water emissions contributing to a cleaner environment and progressing towards a much more sustainable production process. The sustainable performance range is a step in the right direction for protecting all our futures.



Today Follow is known for a wide range of essential riding accessories and wearables, one of the most epic and diverse teams in the industry and a passion for creating the best possible products for the rider, all while keeping the same core belief ingrained in every piece.


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