Flysurfer Kiteboarding, a brand of Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG, is based in Marquartstein, Germany. Since 2001 innovative and high quality products for kite sports have been developed, produced and distributed through a service orientated reseller network worldwide. Flysurfer has a unique kite and kiteboard product portfolio mix which consists of several different technologies: closed-cell, open-cell and single-skin foil kites, as well as inflatable kites. They also have an innovative approach to kiteboard development. Whether you kite on land, snow or water, irrelevant of style, age, wind and weather conditions – once you are touched by our fascinating sport, you just want to kite every day.


Flysurfer develop three brands: Skywalk Paragliders, Flysurfer Kiteboarding and X-Gloo Inflatable Event Equipment. Kite and board testing is done on mountains, land and local lakes, as well as on the Mediterranean and in the North Sea. And by their riders who travel all over the world…


After successfully releasing their newest high performance addition to their LEI range last year with the BOOST, Flysurfer are not sitting still. They have just released the SPEED5, the latest chapter in the ten year success story that is the SPEED, a closed-cell foilkite for Big Air and hangtime, which is the ultimate all-round performance kite for water, land and snow. Then there is the SONIC-FR, a pure racing machine, with unmatched performance, upwind angle and speed, but still in a package that is easy to handle for expert riders, and finally the PEAK2, Flysurfer’s single skin technology depower kite. This is not meant for water, but for land and snow use. It is a kite which does not have a bottom sail but still has depower and is therefore extremely light and flies in the lightest breeze, creating new possibilities for kitesports, and opening up new areas through allowing kiteschools to teach on very light days.


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The Flysurfer BOOST convinces with simplicity and is Flysurfer’s high performance L.E.I kite. Designed with double 3D shaping and pre-tensioning technology it is built for everyone. Whether you love massive airs or high paced racing. Aeronautic engineer Andreas Hanrieder did extensive research and testing using modern CFD simulation programs to build this super-efficient kite. The BOOST is your L.E.I rocket waiting for take-off. Airstyle, big air, max-speed or megaloops, do whatever you want and set new limits. You can also get the most fun out of your light wind sessions with the LW-Editions. Their weight reduction, higher aspect ratio, unmatched relaunch abilities and adaptive airfoils will give you a unique advantage on those lighter days.


The Flysurfer SONIC Full Race is optimized for competition with merciless performance on all terrains (Water, Land and Snow). The sheer force of this pure racing machine gives you speed thrills, goosebumps and more, with the kite cutting through air at angles into the wind never seen before. It also offers the most extreme lift and hangtime any Flysurfer kite has ever delivered, now combined with sophisticated handling, in a unique super high aspect- ratio, closed-cell ram-air foilkite. Only the best and most optimized fabrics have been used to achieve maximum performance, minimum weight and incredible stability.


The Flysurfer SPEED5 is the ultimate kite system for the highest all-round performance on any terrain and for every ability level. The SPEED5 is a true multi-talent on the water. This big-air and hang time giant also appeals due to its characteristics as a chilled cruiser and a simple re-launcher. On land, the SPEED5 is the first choice for freestyle kite land boarders and buggy-kiters. The strong material and its robust construction is ideal even for your roughest sessions. The SPEED5 is also a safe companion for snow kiting. Even in gusty conditions its stability and reliable performance ensures pure stoke.


The Flysurfer Kiteboarding R&D team always tries to give kitesports more variety. It was through allowing themselves the room and opportunity to achieve truly innovative products that they created the first Single-Skin kite. For years Reinhart Paelinck worked to achieve his dream to build the world’s most versatile kite. Flysurfer had high expectations to improve this unique product even more – and they knew it could be achieved through combining the expert knowledge of their paragliding and foil-kite development team. Now, with the Flysurfer PEAK2, Reinhart and Flysurfer have made the next leap forward. The PEAK2 has unmatched low-end, enhanced stability and even more performance – but it still comes in a lighter and smaller package!

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