Do you use a Harness when Wing Foiling?

Do you use a Harness when Wing Foiling?

Should you use a Wingfoiling harness when you go wingfoil? The answer for me is: it depends on my type of session. If I’m riding long windswell or go for a long cruise, the harness really helps to get upwind faster without making my arms super tired. The same for when it’s cold and I’m wearing gloves. When I do a downwinder or spend most of my session trying jumps, and don’t need to do long tacks upwind, I still like to go without harness. – Annelous Lammerts

Annelous uses the Following Equipment:
Dakine Wing Foil Harnesses
Dakine Wetsuits
Cabrinha Mantis Wings

**Do you wear a wingfoiling harness while Wing Foiling? Let us know in the comments.**

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