Here at S2AS, we only stock the best. That’s why we’ve decided to stock our Top 9 Favourite Items this Season. Here are our picks:

  1. 2017 DC Dryden Jacket

This jacket is one of DC’s most stylish jacket’s this Winter. The double layer look gives the jacket a retro feel. The jacket features a Polyester Bonded Fleece for added warmth, and it certainly delivers. At DC’s Snow Expo, the team tried this on and we all loved it. The comfort and the look definitely sold us.

2. 2017 DC DC Top

2017-DC-DC-Top-Brown-FrontDon’t be fooled by the double DC in the name, the DC Top is a base layer fit for anyone. It’s tree-like pattern make it stand out from the crown, and in terms of warmth it certainly does as well. The Polyester and Elastane build make it a durable, comfy base layer.

3. 2017 DC Iva Beanie:�

2017-DC-IVA-BeanieThe Iva Beanie from DC is one of our favourite beanies this year. The 100% Acrylic design makes it a nice fit on the head, and it doesn’t heat your head up too much either. Definitely you will see us rocking the beanie this Winter.

4. 2017 DC Scout BOA:

2017-DC-Scout-BOA-Boot-InsideThe Scout BOA Boots this year are the best they’ve ever been. With the BOA H3 Coiler System, finding that perfect level of comfort will be easy. They’ve used the UNILITE Insoul for the ultimate softness and forgiveness. Easily our favourite boot for this year.

5. 2017 DC Torstein Horgomo BOA

2017-DC-Torstein-Boots-OutsideTorstein’s Signature boot this year has set a world first. Dual BOA Lacing System. This technology makes it easy to get in and out of the boot, yet still maintain the level of comfort you’re used to. The IMPACT G Outsoul is softer than ever, and easily forgives bigger jumps. The boot also features an internal ankle harness, to prevent you from rolling or damaging the lower end of the foot.

6. 2017 DC Mutiny:�

2017-DC-Mutiny-Boots-OutsideThe Simple yet effective design of the Mutiny Boot make it one of the top contenders in today’s snow market. The IMPACT-S Insoul is soft and comfy, while the Rubber Outsole does an excellent job of taking those hard impacts. Adjustment is easy with the Lacing Leverage, meaning you can have it as tight or as loose as you want.

7. 2017 DC DCLA Woman’s Jacket:

2017-DC-DCLA-Woman's-Jacket-FrontThe DCLA Woman’s Jacket is a warm and stylish jacket, designed for the female snow-goer. It’s EXOTEX 10 Fabric makes it durable and strong, while maintaining that level of waterproofing. � The Jacket to Pant Interface makes attaching your pant easy. The missus will love the DCLA, for sure.

8. 2017 DC Donon:

2017-DC-Donon-Pants-BlackMilitary Grade pants this year from DC, using EXOTEX 15 fabric for a durable yet comfy fit. The 100% Polyester Ripstop build adds to the durability of the pant, while the Zippered Hand Warmer Pockets will keep the mits nice and toasty. Definitely one of the best pants from DC in a while. The 40g Insulation will keep your lower half at a comfortable temperature in the Winter.

And finally…

9. 2017 DC Focus Snowboard:

2017-DC-Focus-SnowboardThe Focus is the deluxe Snowboard on a budget. It’s 3 Degree Bevel makes it hard to catch an edge and faceplant, meanwhile the FSC Certified Stratus Core adds strength to the board by using 2 Stringers of Beech wood that run down the middle of the board. The forgiving flex makes it a perfect carver and slider.

So those are our top 9 picks for this year from DC. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section!

For more info on any of these products, give us a call on 01202 738448, visit https://www.s2as.com , or pop in store and speak to one of the team!


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